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Pretty excellent. It's not funny like some judo alive. Hey, guys love you guys. Great show. Thank you just wanna make sure you're being careful because there are some times a good amount of scenes to come with the come quad. And you know, those teams can down from serious repercussions. Yeah. Sometimes you think you just you just tossed the seed somewhere, and then nine months later, you've got a big inconvenience, something or other. Yeah. Exactly. I'm with you live that life. Thank you. First time caller. Yeah. You ever had some it's delicious. Yeah. You know, I guess apparently thing out there where people come quote exploding around spit it out. How to tell if you're not clever or funny. Yeah. You gotta live up. He drew. My name's Ana my husband. Brought you those come quad today. And I just wanted to let you know that I am totally fine. Sharon, his come to you. Is it really your husband? Yes. I'll tell you that Nick. He's a generous, man. I can't believe how much come quite one man can produce. You must be very satisfied lady around the house when it comes to your consumption of calm clot from your husband. I definitely married him for his come. Quite would you? Did you had you ever tried come clot before Knicks? Or was he the first man to expose you to the deliciousness of come clot when I met him. And he told me he was a come quite grower. His last name was Goudie. I laughed at him. And it turns out that that was true. Now, are you addicted to the real come Claude guzzler? I love come. Glad you're a hell of a lady. He's lucky to have you. And you have. Thank you, sir. Thank you. What what is the name of the desert, like a place, growers quad grows dot com? Dot com. I mean, I'm I've I've been turned around like I feel like my whole life. I've been missing out on something. Same like, I'm always saying we need new foods. Well today my world change because I'm just going to be fully come quote from here on out. Seventy seven five seven nine one thousand eight hundred. They're really good. I know I've had them before. It's like a it's a serious. It's like a lemon in an orange. Yeah. It's like tar like lemon. But like sweet like an orange looks like an orange. I enjoy it. But I'm not interested in sincere opinions only juvenile punts. So we'll come back and talk about this guy's why this guy freak the hell out on his wife destroyed their home, and we got to find out what John's hiding hiding he. I guess he has one of these two. Oh, yeah. That's right. Well, it's it's not it's not part of your heritage either. No. I mean, heritage may have been a word, I didn't mean to us. But it's part of who. I am sorry to say heritage. Yes. Not hate the guys. Listen, if you're striking out of the bedroom, and your Guatri just ate what it used to be suffering from erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation where they call, Tom. Here's a suggestion from me, drew Grabow and.

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