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She knows from the office. But what can you do Thank you and happy birthday. All right the time has come to answer some questions from you. Mailbag that's right now. I'm going to get to as many questions as i possibly can. But if i don't get yours never fear we're going to be doing more episodes like this. So subscribe and comment on apple podcasts. Or write me on instagram and twitter. Because well we will be watching all right. Let's dive in. And if i say somebody's name wrong today. I'm sorry i love you just the same. Plus you know who you are. Am i right all right so on that. Note our very first question. Well maybe less of a question that an ego boost a listener wrote into say super excited about the podcast. Kevin was my favorite character on the office. By the way. Here's the ultimate compliment. A comedian can receive. You made me laugh so hard that i actually developed a nose bleed. The isolation seen in the wedding episode was hilarious. Thank you well thank you. I appreciate. I have been told by many people over the years that they cannot use public ice at a hotel slash motel because well. They're afraid my feet was ended. Lupe pause rights. Can you one of these days on the podcast. Talk about the opening scene stress relief. This is the episode where dwight starts the fire. Drill it is one of the funniest episodes slash openings. And i think we'd all love to hear how you guys felt filming that so Stress relief was the episode that aired after the super bowl. If you've found the show on netflix you wouldn't know that I would say it is not only one of my favorite openings of show. It's one of my personal favorite episodes. I think part of that has to do with the fact that it it did air right after the super bowl and well i'm a big football fan There were two openings to show that we had the most rehearsal. It was the most almost like doing theater. There was the lip dub open. Which was all one takes had to be done one. Take the camera moving around the office and also the opening of stress relief. I mean there were so many elements that happened in shooting that we had cat. Wrangler 's we had two different sets of broken glass. Kevin vending machine and michael with the exterior window. We had copiers smashing into doors and things breaking or having the potential to break. It was so much fun. Filming that scene culminating with stanley of course Having a heart attack so thank you for your question but yes for me. Personally i would say my favorite cold open on the show on islam rights sir. I'm a really big fan from bangladesh. Really love your podcast wolf. I am so happy that we have listeners in bangladesh. Thank you and i'm i'm hearing. We have lots of listeners in india and across europe. Thank you all wherever you're listening. Thank you so much for listening. Walter burn rights. Kevin malone had a little black and gold helmet on his desk with an m. on the side of it. What football team does that belong to. I have no idea. I i really don't i. I never found out. It was there the whole time and in fact it might have been borrowed from. Nbc by yours win. The office ended. And i guess that makes me really terrible actor like not doing character study. I don't don't know what team it was from. I really don't but i'm guessing a small college. It was not. I don't know i'm sorry walter. Burn ooh it's crazy. How much we have to pay for outdated impersonal healthcare and even crazier that we all just accept it. It's time to face facts. Healthcare is backwards. 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