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You Byron I I hope it's not you know going to become the same thing every year but it is bold they they they're very innovative they come up with all this this cool shit all the time and yeah I got I mean I could see this event you know growing for the next two three years and then yeah I mean if at that point if it peters out computers out it was a good six or eight years of of rebel strata them you know it's it's been a great event so far and I know why you guys like said self far I think why has the popularity that it does is the timing of the race because when you are Lacrosse supercross as we all are to where like you dread the offseason because what the hell do WanNa Saturday in all Komodos to watch like it's like I had to be a normal person on Saturday like normally dedicate you know half the afternoon watch moto like for us and all the other people may be listening or even farther than that this race gives you some something to tie in in watch you know what I mean 'cause it's a great from going from January till what is it about mid August from about every weekend may be a weekend off but I tell you what I mean that that seems like the longest time on my line breath because there's nothing to watch on Saturday gives you it sounds silly but it gives you something to look forward to in want you want the amp it up change it you know make it the same you damn right all of us fans are going to watch it because the that's what we look forward to his watch in a race like now next thing we're going to be thinking about Sponsor Cup after Monster Cup when we got to watch those stupid as off season races okay all our number and heck but we still watching because there's nothing else to watch like I think like you know spectator point of view it gives you something to look forward to watch especially what you know this offseason that feels like he a year to me every time when you Damon Yeah I mean I I will say that you know it I agree with you guys on the whole event like it's cool I would have definitely thought when they still had the four fifty two fifty class died out offer anything district but they did see that year with Filipo Stank dog and everything and Rodney Mack at the two show thing was something that the fans even commented that the fans didn't walk away more fans came up to the side of the track of the stands for the to shoot thing than than the rest of the event so it's built from there but definitely you know how much fun we've all agreed that the event is but I definitely do see the side that Byron brought up that you know how are they gonNA keep this up as far as keeping different keeping afresh so I hope they can red bull's definitely a very innovative company that they could keep it super interesting and that fact but yeah I mean I love the event brings that little bit of break in the off season where you're like oh my God like after Crawford's Villian what the hell am I gonNa do it my life till Anaheim won adult and mow the lawn or yeah I got exactly you're right you know the adversity stuff in change makes it like more appealing to watch but I tell you what if these guys are just running down the thing it's like all which can Hoxha diverse coop for web see how fast they could run we'd watch it you know wasn't Eisenach of that what if it's an event on TV it has anything to do with Moto she we're going to watch it especially Ernest Wilson break I will comment I already so what they're trying to offer super-quick is that they're trying to get all his fans like bar go I've watched the hell out of that but they're trying to get all the people that normally don't watch when they see you know Oh my God traffic Strana nitro circus guy or Hayes riding this bike that they normally don't ride or hey like fans like us call guys driving two strokes I'm in so on that fact is while they're trying to you know bringing the different market with two stroke is are two strokes are just different ninety teams and stuff so hopefully they can keep it up steve they bring on for next year but I guess we'll see the only thing about what you said about trying to bring in like new fans outside of modal I almost don't really buy that just because straight you're them seems to be such a core moto event that's where I think it's it's held right in southern California it's a very niche thing yeah they ride bikes that they normally don't ride but if you're a casual fan how do you know what they normally ride true around your I mean part part of the appeal to a new fan also like not to absolutely should all over your point awesome I'm GonNa keep going But part of what a casual fan would be would be somebody flipping through TV channels there aren't very many people who have the Red Bull TV APP on an apple TV slipping through at one night and go oh what's this red bull state were the thing I mean if anybody is during that is probably like a mountain bike guy who just happens to know about racing like all right I'll watch that Sultan right true I I will say maybe alter my point a little bit maybe it's it's is it is to give people like us that are so involved gassing thank different like to our stuff for eighty so I will say I one hundred percent agree with your point that it's definitely not to reach out to new fans but it's more of your all Melissa die hard awesome hard core fans something different than just oh a monster Koper us open or an Anaheim one town it's hey we're gonna have you know maybe he's older guys that haven't rode bikes for a long time are retired Hey F it let's put him onto strokes see what to do and honestly I think to that point it's such as simple enough racing concept that you can bring in somebody who maybe not maybe as an as familiar with racing that okay yeah the I don't know why they normally don't ride those bikes are they don't know who these guys are trying to dress up like but the concept is still the same of its two guys that you can watch very close to each other for a very intense forty-five second race and repeat that fifty sixty times over the course of a night I mean that in itself is entertainment and racing is entertainment before anything else to me racin like if I'm channels there's not non doesn't Stock Car Formula One or something like I'd rather watch that and some soapy opera or the news or something like this race race in you know you know when they start the first one two finish is the winner and you know Kinda the operation works but another point to in this I'll let carbon ticket from here but after like I've I've liked onto my gym or go into Buffalo Wild Wings or something you know this is just an event that they've put on the TV so as we're talking about viewers that are oh you're with racing or something that they find that this might entertain whether it be the mountain bikers or skiers or whatever that this has entertained extreme sports that that something like okay you know like I'll watch X. Games or big air skateboards or the bikes would L. Hundred Dang thing about it but heck I'll watch it you know that's like a pretty cool I'll watch this yeah I think not they cut you guys off again but I think if it were an event that were broadcast live on tv you could definitely get a key but I I we don't know if that's what red bull is going for with it I think red bull has the means that they can stream things live on T. I mean hell they got Loretta 's live on a couple of years ago so they obviously have the capabilities to do it but the other trying to grow the live viewership they're trying to get more engagement on social media but I think as far as TV slash live visuals beuing of it I think they're happy with what they get on the Stream I mean it's core fans and nobody else but I think that's doing it for them yeah I think so too and I don't think this is something that they're counting on making them shitload of money I don't think it's event think it's sensible marketing event right I think it's something that says hey were still red bull hey this is another cool that we do that type thing and all that kind of stuff out so with that before we wrap up straight talk who had the best setup this weekend barn I'll start with you my todd I'm lists here my top five I have Roxanne Hart Ramped Webcast Zero Invalid Potato so tell me tell me your your deal set up from the weekend I think so I'm gonNA give it to categories here I'm going to kind of do a JT money on pulp amax sil- waffle here Ango the best looking set up to me was web I think it was very clean setup it was done well but I think the most authentic that up was captain zero not because he plus rounded himself but just because he did everything so well to the t- the helmet chest the gear the bike everything was done at such a great level of detail and one bike that I wish I could have seen in the night show because is he didn't make it was the number seventy k x one twenty five channels was on yeah I was really wish I could have gotten a better look at that that from last year they had this to remake of that they ended up doing the full Spitfire Carmichael pro circuit things but man to put this down to one bike the picture he posted of actually off McGrath and skip Norfolk I'm in that was not his kit straight up I'm going to pick the three Katie on Bud light kit for McGrath Leaves a hot can the Tyler bowers by that was just something else to me I did I mean that that thing was.

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