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Here's mad Arab up. I'm called inaudible. Call inaudible. I wanna talk more football. We did all football in the first hour. I feel like I wanna talk more football. I mean, we got bubbles going to end soon AFC championship game are NFC championship game. I kinda just wanna keep talking football. I was thinking about it during the commercial where he got to cherish it. Right. We're going to have until June to talk basketball basket. Well this. I wanna talk about Russell Westbrook. We'll get to that. Next basketball is my favorite sport. I like the way they dribble up and down the court. That's right. That would work worked better had it. You know, you you've been going to the beat which is going on. But I have no rhythm. Clearly, you have the vocal designs for a for a Baptist. Gentlemen. I have absolutely no rhythm. The phone one eight hundred seven seven seven two nine zero seven is the number if you'd like to happen at any time James is in Indiana. It's up James. Good morning, Matt how he did. I am doing splendid. How about yourself, sir? I am finding a couple of things now that you guys get back to basketball number one is Tyler Murray dumb. Tyler very, why do you think he's done? Play baseball with the Oakland A's, and according to a certain draft analyst possibly being drafted by the Miami Dolphins. Well, I think he would have to pick on their James. I don't think he's gonna play both. So you don't think he'd do a Bo Jackson or Dion Sanders and do both. No, I don't think at twenty one twenty two years old. He's going to try and emulate. Bo Jackson, what he's trying to do is exactly what I think he should be doing with someone of his skill set. James? I think that he knows that baseball is an option right now. I myself am surprised that he I guess I guess I shouldn't be surprised because of the successful season that he had. But we all did have this idea that he was going to be a baseball player, and he was gonna make four point six six million dollars. And that was gonna be the signing bonus who's going to do the minor leagues. But James, can you blame him for wanting to go into the NFL draft after winning the Heisman Trophy and hearing? He's projected to be a first round draft. Can you blame the deck? I cannot blame him one. Did I tell you what? If the dolphins do drafting, and they do want to sign him. I think they're going to have to pay the as. That signing bonus. Interesting. Well, the thing. Go ahead. No. I was just gonna say. No, I was just gonna say he's not going to pay that they're not gonna pay the signing bonus. What the most difficult thing the signing bonus. By the way, we'll be given back to the as let's let's keep that clear. They won't have to pay the signing bonus the difficult part for the for the athletic for the athletics. If he does go to the NFL is that they they don't get compensated. The first round pick. They will get the signing. Bonus back though, they will not be compensated the first round pick. So they lose a pit. I understand. Oh, one more thing before I go. Yeah. Recommendation at checkout. Something on Facebook ever. See Australian rules football Austria. Are we talking about is is is is also being on YouTube today that blew my mind. These guys they had the top fifty catches from all time in that league. And these guys would make NFL coaches roles. I mean, they were making catch after incredible catches. I mean. Wow. Is it? I'll go check it out on YouTube, James. Thank you very much for the call. I wonder if Australian football uses the exact same kind of football that American football does Jacob have you watched these YouTube videos to which James is referring I I missed it. I missed it to how do you think that came about James, what do we let him go where he's he's got James his? We don't do. We wanna see when James you still there. Yeah. I'm still here. Okay. What prompted you? I've got a question for you. What prompted you to search on YouTube? Australia's like you're going through throughout your day James is going throughout her day. A loyal caller the show. I really appreciate you, man. So you're going you make your Cup of coffee. You're starting your day. And you'd think yourself, oh, I want to search on YouTube. Australian football catches how does that thought? Come about. Well, actually met let you in little secret. Yeah. I remember the days when ESPN was carrying Australian rules football. And I saw some of the most incredible catches I've ever seen. These guys were jumping six maybe ten feet in the air making head fi. Wait a lot shapes. They were jumping ten isn't a basketball hoop. Ten feet. He sure those weren't. All these guys way. James only ask a question here is I'm correct, right? A basketball regulation is ten ten. So you saw in the Australian Football League James them jumping to the point where their feet would be at the rim of a basketball hoop. That's what you saw. Absolutely. I mean, and and I'll tell you what if you wanna talk punters. Chock-full because they were getting kicks from fifty sixty yards. Wow. Those two cetera post. Gold there. I call him on B livable. There you go. James that James, Indiana. Oh, man. Hey, you you have yourself a good week. Do you have any predictions for the AFC championship game? Kansas City versus new New England. I mean, New Orleans. Take the Rams are going to lose. What's the score? Let's see Kansas City forty one New England Surrey, sports and. New Orleans thirty four Los Angeles twenty seven all.

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