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What we've seen the last week is made me want. Call networks put a D in front of the name of the. The so-called journalists. I've already decided the Brett Cavanaugh is a rapist or what was the what was the serial sexual abuse. Really? Do you really know that? So here are Jalen, Mika. And this could be I don't know. Maybe this is just a sign of the coming apocalypse, but Joe Emeka acknowledging that maybe the media is fomenting some of this because of their irresponsible reporting. Are we going to start to see a push back against this from the media itself? Oh, absolutely. Look at a Breck having all from from the very beginning. When the beginning. I mean when when the Christine Blasi Ford accusations came out was deemed guilty until proven innocent in other words. Yeah, he probably did. And now we just have to find the evidence. So allow people like Julie, sweat, Nick Michael could Yanni's avenue. Client to go on the air. When nothing can be verified. Nothing could be corroborated. No witnesses could be found. Those those types of interviews should never even been granted you have to trust but verify, and we didn't even verify women right to the guilty part. And Joel mccower are exactly right. Even though they're not exactly the most responsible media members as well as the president's mental health into question on multiple occasions on their show without any proof whatsoever. So there's a bit of irony there as well. I hate to you're so good at this. I hate to admit that your job is becoming easier day by day because it's not so hard to ferret out where the bias is happening because it's happening. So transparently in front of us yesterday to go back to this question of the way CNN is treating the notion that there are left-wing mobs out there, which by the way, they're saying it's not true. It's not just Don lemon Brooke Baldwin yesterday with Mary Katharine ham and Matt Lewis sitting alongside of her insisted that you should not use what she calls the m word with reference to these left-wing protesters. Clawing at the doors of the supreme court. It's gotten flagrantly out of control Joe. And and I just wonder if for Paul who's an anchor also, by the way, this is an opinion person. Right. Let's say Kamala Harris was chased out of our restaurant. You wouldn't even only be hearing about Bob's? You'll be hearing about racist. In other words, better finishing only fits based on political affiliation of the person that is being harassed. So it's a ridiculous argument that that clip that you just mentioned that's what went viral for all the wrong reasons for Baldwin and look a mob is is about UK somebody out of a restaurant or in a public street, the people and and we've seen the violence again. I keep going up Steve Scalise would've learned from that a mob as well. The press the press doesn't remember the Steve Scalise shooting. It's like it's like it never even happened. It's a weird sort of media blackout occasionally, it gets mentioned, but I hear so much more about Charlottesville and Heather higher. Then this notion that there was any attempted an attempted massacre on a series of Republican congressman out on a baseball field. We barely hear anything about that. Unless Steve Scalise himself speaks up this. What what explains that is it just naked partisanship? Well, let's put it this way. Let's say that was a democratic softball team. And let's say that was Trump supporter that was pulling the trigger. You would have been hearing about it one thousand times more than Charlottesville because again, this isn't that has anything to do with Sanders, and he has he bears, no responsibility. Here. Bernie Sanders supporter. Volunteer baseball field. It's a miracle that no one was killed given given that they were just basically open game out there. So. Yeah. That that's the way it works. Now, it's a horrible double standard, and it's never going to change. Unfortunately, we don't see any kind of push back against politicians. We know Maxine Waters has famously called for shutting people out of the streets. You know, if you see them pumping gas you should get in their face. If you see them in a restaurant, you should get in their face. And we're seeing that happen. Here's Hillary though yesterday talking about civility, you cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for what you care about. That's why I believe if we are fortunate enough to win. I'm back the house and the Senate that's when civility can start again is. So Hillary wants only one civility if if which she believes in the people she wants and power power, what kind of responsibility to our politicians. Hold for what they say. President Trump put it perfectly. This is why she lost. There is no self awareness with this woman whatsoever. And and you just get the feeling that she's doing all these interviews. She was on Tana's Brown's remake last week. He was on Adam secretaries. He's doing two interviews CNN this week it can't help. But think that she's going to run again, which which I think is every democrat nightmare because she is not a good candidate. Well, maybe we could get her to Rome with Michael Evan Attias her as VP. I think that could work I'm Clayton gorge achy. All right. My dream ticket. Joe? Thank you so much. We appreciate you. Joining us. Have a great week this show conscious media reporter for the hill. It is now. Eight fifteen time for WMA, all traffic and weather every.

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