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You saw. And she said. I'll bet debbie told you to do that. And that's my mom. And i'm like oh oh that resonates everything started to get clear. And that's the thing has little pieces of clarity come together. I even had a talk with mom. Who's the covert narcissist. And you know what she admitted but in the one day she can see she me with their children with treating them like they were best friends one toronto flight adult so a regular. I don't even know if there's such as meeting family right. That's not public eye of people. Kid get sloppy and messy tried to communicate or miscommunicate in trier gan slim worse at each other but in a royal family publicly gotta suppress all that and we already know that suppression leads to depress share instead of going back to megan markle. She's had to suppress her feelings and she did cry out for help and i think that she was denied help. She was not allowed to seek impatient. Ospital feeling safe about being left alone. And i'm imagining that. That will look very good to the to the royal family. The public view of the royal family. So you see we've got to dismantle in in. I also talk a lot about pro. Active versus reactive chaos. Oh in what we're talking about. We've got a lot of maybe both a little bit a proactive. Let's get the heck out of here and react to will be acting to. The prison is better to take down something that doesn't work rather than have it toppled all over your head kind of like an old dilapidated building if you keep building on it and building in painting and decorating it. Well you know to back. Just wasted your money topple over. But sometimes it's really really important to things fall apart and just appreciate the. The falling apart is part of the evolutionary process. And that's why panel me for five a decode the past and we have to let go and proactively take apart that which doesn't work so by camel. Seven eight nine. We can build a synergistic a repair their Solve in the synergistic in imperative human risk. So macro michael micro wanted to heal the world on a natural basis. I thought it was a good idea and found out that we've got. He'll people additional psycho educate people into systems and in cultural wounds in childhood wounds that limit growth and so on so court so a amber really really loved that. You're doing this. So i think that as we learn we start shifting our perspective and instead of being myopic and having back lens of perception in being in the muck and mire things become clear panel channel number seven paradigm shift. You a little late in the middle will there. It is shared clearly actually. Yeah peaking of things he says. Come early right. One person healing just loosens the ties that bind. And that's what. I'm noticing even before getting that far in the journey and that's why i think it's really powerful to choose to do this rissole and and just won't want statement on your on your mission there. This is no try love. We're gonna do this anymore. Said make more people aware. Trust me. I spent more than twenty years in personal development rooms and all kinds of things trying to find what i found here and that's unacceptable to me that i spent that much effort and most people don't even put that much and reach people unless those voice look at people in your. Thank you in yours. Easy way to do it. Share the pba comply book on your facebook and social media is artificially e. I can't think of a better price than that and I still am passionate about wanting to get the since into the school systems and the prison systems and the political systems. Having like that. Not one of my dreams is to mind map. The people in the in the in the system so that people can have a pathway to connection not just a a way to manipulate and control because the opposite of empathy and the opposite of peace and understanding is control power and we can't afford in the paradigm of control empower it. You know it's important to have control in power that that's nice to have apparently wanna have power controls boston have because you don't wanna have abuse of power. You don't wanna have abusive control in if everybody were more interested in panel number seven. Which is the synergy panel. Which is the oneplus. One is raider than two which simply means that. Let's say cristiana. You and i are working together because the view on enhanced and because of me your enhanced and because of us other people aren't human so that's my favorite panel just everybody know and that's playing better game of life and if you notice also mind logo last march are like it so amber so at you're learning this and i think it just takes everybody to To to pass along some psycho education and one at a time. Healing begets healing. I believe that. And i think that if there's something that's really shining of light people are going to gravitate toward the white and so that's what on opening that that that people can can grasp is the light so thank you so much for calling and we'll just continue a little bit more about. This interview ran the narcissistic systems systems. Gone wrong now. i'm not saying that. These people are narcissus celeste. Be clear on that okay. I can imagine them emails. That i'm gonna get jim call macon inheriting queen elizabeth and williams. No i didn't know them. But it's just that i'm looking at assist german looking at the system being challenged in an falling apart t summit stance on looking at danley alien nation and of my heart goes out to everybody. Because i just don't think they have enough psycho education to figure all this out and with the air of specially not communication It's top right because you're not supposed to talk about it. It's it's it's interesting because you know a lot of my clients. Come to say well you know. I went no contact so i broke away from the family system but many of them will say to me. That was only five percents of the work that was needed me to do. The real work begins once. You've broken away and you and you need to. You need to then begin my inner journey of looking at the wings you know. How did those impact me. What was the self image on as a result the system is broken up in. How's that been limiting me in my lie. That's knin were. Let go of that anger. The suppressed anger which is words whole bracket right yet but it go by expressing it. Choose along with your their coach. Exactly unending you you. You say my favorite panels to seven eight and nine because it we we've been moved the focus from looking back at what they did to me. Awards are how. Am i going to make lemonade out of these lands right. How are right. How am i going to be the cost. Us panel or five six is when you're under the wheel of the bus. Okay and seven. Eight nine is when you're driving the bus. You're being the costs right okay. And if we don't get in the driver's seat than the wheels of the bus or just go round round round Hundred times day with my grandson. You know until he got bored with it but that took a billion rounds of the wheels to the bus go round okay. All through the town all through the world and that's what we're doing. We're just spinning and spinning. What the roy. Ding so making carry. I think it would be. I think now the bill would begins for both of them if they have that. Opportunity young sustained with even if you're listening lease contact with psychological union center of being very serious that this kind of a work in mind it will could a lot of peace in your heart will put things in context in queen elizabeth and and and and and prince prince saw fill-up and and and and everyone has a lot at stake in east specialize in healing families. Okay so this is not a time to cut wedges time to self reflect soft correct evaluate individually evaluate the sister in. Maybe it's time to row the system and adapt or or a new system or new expressions of a system that will support mental. Hell individuality Pity right in this is this would be the system on right so anyway on. Thank you very very much so black that i got to talk to you in england where london where all of this is happening in please we jack to us. At the set logical healing center psychological dot com or doctor jimmy wti dot.

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