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CHP and alcohol, beverage control to make sure employees and customers are protected. When we talk about compliance, this is not just talking about mask compliance. This is talking about compliance on health and safety. In our meat packing facilities. One should not have to put their life at risk to Goto work is an essential worker. Strike force teams will focus initially on the 19 counties on California's so called watch list will focus on education, but they can also take action in the form of citations or suspending business licenses. Despite the Koven spike, the chairman of the Department of Medicine for UCSF, Dr Bob Watcher, tells KGO sneaky Maduro that we're better off than we were three or four months ago. Because of the stay at home orders. It was inevitable that we were going to have to open up. Not just because people are getting answer. You're bored, but because the impact on people's lives in the economy and even their health were very, very, really. Watcher acknowledges it's a difficult balancing act. But Californians may have moved too fast, he says. What we need to do now is back down on what we're allowed to do. But more importantly, what we choose to dio We're learning more about how Children react to covert 19 as school district's rollout guidelines for reopening campuses. Dr. Bob Wachter is the chairman of the Department of Medicine at UCSF, and he's encouraged at recent studies involving the virus in Children. And while he admits there have been Children who have had severe reactions to the virus that have led to death in some cases, he's encouraged by some of the studies. He tells a new morning show with making Maduro. It does seem that there Unlikely to get it unlikely to spread it and very unlikely to have a have a bad outcome. Now, none of that I noticed, I said, unlikely and not impossible. Dr. Walker says not opening up schools would have significant consequences not just on economics but on the kid's ultimate education and development. And as it turns out, the kids are safer than adults. That then that is a group that we can think about trying to open up safely says there will need to be a measurement of the success of opening schools.

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