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All right the knights templar they've been partially sucked half sucked more sucking to come gonna keep stuck in these dudes secombe so hard fascinating stuff man this is definitely one of those weeks where i found myself i had to kind of like you know pull myself off of research on like oh it's already getting too complicated but there's so many things i want to learn about big thanks to the time suck team harmony village camp jesse donor reverend dr josh crow back filling a little bitter at least alex dugan the bill extra team danger brain eric radical queen of the suck lindsey cummins thanks donald johnson's for sending in some of the temple dates to look into and for beamer senate in a of conspiracies for me look into for part two and part two coming up this friday so it's the bonus we'll look into the fall of the knights templar various conspiracies still float around about him conspiracies like a like templars being killed because they had sacred knowledge and proof of christ bloodline and marriage to mary magdalene they reference that actually my favorite graphic novel series of all time pre by garth ennis talk about a little bit about this anyway the knights templar made it to america a hundred years before columbus and hit treasurer and places like oak island that's a theory knights templar hid the holy grail hid vast amounts of treasure and even the mummified head of jesus the knights templars still around they're still they're still around they're working with freemasons and luminosity to establish a new world order that's conspiracy my favorite twist on that one is the original medieval guys were still alive some of those original guys are still alive they're immortal like like highlanders thanks to the holy grail which gives them immortal power a power that it so much whack a doodle to explore in addition to wrapping up their historical tale it's gonna be fun last thing real quick before updates if any of you use love using one of the products we've advertised here on time selleck if you've hopped onto one of our promo codes acquired something you enjoy for a nice price please email us about your experience the bojangles at times like podcast dot com testimonials help us not only get new but the right sponsors for.

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