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That good and lots of lots of bad behaviors can happen out of that. Means that that presence and physical locations on all all starts to dominate decision making, which exacerbates things like group think. and. So the behaviors that you're forced to put in with a distributed team are a lot better. Note that she shirt isn't saying that chatting with your co workers at the water cooler or the coffeemaker or in the corridor is a bad thing. Indeed I'd bet the countless great ideas or breakthroughs have been made during these informal chats. But to share is pointing out that we can put rituals on a pedestal and then use this to convince ourselves that making any change is too risky. So, how does CODA replace that water cooler ritual so as to maximize it good aspects and minimize the bad. Humans need a certain level of mutual trust before they can give everybody the benefit of the doubt you need to find ways to do that and getting them together is a good way to do it There's lots of other casualties you can do it to to just encourage people to get to know each other better company work closely with colds. Appier has this tool that we've mimicked where they do. This matchmaking process where you get mattress someone and you do a coffee chat with them and and just kind of find ways to make sure people form bonds. The other one is it really pushes on over communication and so as an example, one of the things I do I started doing it youtube and I still do every Sunday night I ride a a male to the whole team. It's my in my own words summary of what how I feel about what happened the previous week and what I think is happening the next week often full a little bit of you know personal take on things that you know this thing happened and I thought this was great and I really WanNa celebrate this thing didn't or re contextualisation of things. Hey, we just had this major event happen. Here's what you should take away from it. It's an example of how you can create rituals that reinforced company culture and identity. As you scale historical context has lost very quickly and you just presume we've been there for a long time. Everybody must know all these different things and then at the end plus first person that comes into the company has no idea about all those things and I think it's a good example of I think you should probably be doing even if you're not distributed but you are distributed, there's extra reason to do it. Our companies rituals are vital to our success. But they can also keep us locked in the past, which is why we need to constantly ask ourselves, what rituals are we following that are holding us back and what new rituals can we create together that will be inclusive empowering and keep was all accelerating forward. I'm reed. Offman. Thank you for listening. And now a final word from our sponsor capital one business. We always wanted to create something that didn't assume that you had to decouple kindness with success. In fact, we see those two things highly connected. That's now. You'll meet here by off she co-ceo of shine we were just hearing from her co founder Mara lie about how mental health APP has helped users impacted by the pandemic and social unrest for their employees that's meant taking care of each other as well. At weekly reflection, we share one pride, and that can be a shout to the team something that you did one learning to encourage always growing, and it's a way to essentially practice what we preach because you can sometimes forget to take care of yourself. Showings. Weekly reflections helped the remote employees connect with each other a need Chang, saw in their users as well. We saw that there was a massive spike three, hundred percent in community discussions, and that's where we came up with this idea of China together where people can come together specific prompster experiences to share advice around how to better take care of their mental health. We have therapists to help guide the conversation, which is almost emotional networking Jen Gorbachev Commands Naomi an Mara for supporting their community and their team through this challenging time. The work that Naomi and Mara doing shine just incredibly inspiring. The world is recognizing the need for not only these resources but these voices this perspective, the authenticity that they bring to the table and capital one businesses committed to supporting and highlighting black business owners during.

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