John Brennan, Mr Rogers, FBI discussed on The Mark Levin Show


Way that was intimately involved in this then when that didn't work they said i got an idea let's take a cia asset by the way folks how the heck did a cia asset which is what's with the man we're not supposed to say his name but chuck ross found out about months ago he was a cia asset the spy how did the fbi get him john brennan have anything to do with that you don't think john brennan would have to sign off on that he was a cia asset somehow he winds up working with the federal bureau of investigation and starts emailing and trying to contact the trump team they don't know this guy from joey bag a donuts on the corner they have no idea this guy is he's gathering intelligence for the us intelligence community on the trump team not on mr rogers that doesn't work the entire kitchen sink is thrown at them now they're getting desperate it's election time maybe the insurance policy isn't exactly panning out gosh we've got foreign intelligence spying on the sky we've got this guy trying to intersect with the trump team get information or not giving us anything useful what are we gonna do the election's around a corner we got nail this trump guy i got an idea we had worked with this guy carter page before which they did the fbi worked on them on a russian spy case where he was the cooperator he held bag a russian spy i don't know if he's a good guy who i've never met the guy in my life but he's the cooperator in the actual court documents so let me get this straight he was a cooperator in a case against yevgeny periodic off a russian spy and now the russians are using the guy who cooperated against them to get the russian spy as a spy if you're pulling your hair out going that sounds like the.

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