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14 50 Rockville Pike. You won't be disappointed or visit them at BMW rockville dot com. Married to pump a W T OBY traffic. Oh, it's the first day of spring and with the forecast we have storm team for meteorologists, Lauren Rickets Happy First Day of Spring is spring officially began here at 5 37 this morning, not feeling too much. Like spring out there this morning. Temperatures have finally climbed out of the twenties were in the thirties right now and headed right on into the Midtown for fifties. Today, that's just about normal for this time of year overnight, Not quite his cold, but still chilly. We're going to be in the upper twenties and thirties as opposed to the low twenties and low thirties. So again just a touch warmer tomorrow morning, but still chilly. We'll head into the low sixties. Tomorrow. We're getting plenty of sunlight wins this weekend. Just a beautiful weekend to get out of bound. Don't forget that sunscreen because that son is going to be blaring with those blue. Skies. Now we head into Monday. Plenty of sunshine temperatures low sixties when the low to mid sixties is we get into your Tuesday and Wednesday Wednesday night could have a few showers and we'll keep some showers around as we get into Thursday and Friday Rub 2 39 in Washington, Leesburg, a 36 Baltimore 39. Manassas up 35. Okay, Thank you. Lauren. It's 9 51 Houston Texans quarterback to Shawn Watson is now facing seven lawsuits by women who accused him of sexual assault and harassment. Attorney Tony Busby represents those women. This case isn't about money. If you look at the pleadings that we filed carefully We have played the jurisdictional minimums in the state of Texas, the jurisdictional minimum. In state District Court is $500. Watson said the first lawsuit was baseless, but he has not responded to the other six lawsuits. Yet the NFL is investigating. All of the claims were learning more now about two of the drivers involved in Thursday's horrific crash in Virginia on I 95 near Dumb freeze the driver who police say caused the crash was wanted for traffic offenses, Records show..

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