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It can be done. Because I've seen it done in other areas of life. Over the past several months, he suggests parents have opportunities to weigh health risks with those caused by no in person schooling. Academic achievement suffers. Just the socialization being able to be with other kids activities. All these different things are very, very important. He calls it foolish for school officials not to listen to parents Air cried Regus News Radio, 6 10 W. Former Miami Dolphin and current Houston Texan receiver. Kenny Stills is facing felony charges after being arrested during a protest demanding charges be filed against the cops. Who Shot and killed. Briana Taylor, stills of nearly 90 others apparently refused to leave the front yard of the Kentucky attorney general's Louisville home. The team says it's gathering more information about the case. While on the Finns, Stills kneel during the national anthem to protest racial injustice. Broward County working to stop the spread of Corona virus, where they expected new rules and regulations there, Dale Holness met with county leaders to go over options to see what they could do to stop the spike. Sheriff Gregory Tony says his deputies are out in full force. Shutting down business is not good. Flying with emergency orders. You know the enforcement the code enforcement aspect. They're out. They're they're still doing citations there. Still in encouraging business owners to be in compliance, he says there has to be a crackdown on House parties where people are ignoring social distancing guidelines since March, he says, the offices received more than 1000 calls about these types of large gatherings. Wendi Grossman. NewsRadio 6 10 W Y o D some extra groovy sneakers. They're going to be hitting stores very soon. Nike is collaborating with the Grateful Dead to create a new Brighton funky sneaker for the company's skate border line. The shoes are suede and come in three bright colors so orange green or yellow Wall Street numbers green. Now Jones industrial average of 3/4 of 1% 198 points at 8 26,040 NASDAQ is up 20 points S and P 500. Also up 20 points on the day. It's 204 back with more news at 2 30 Rush continues after we check whether next time Al Lewis News radio 6 10 W I od right chances with US today. Low nineties, maybe some.

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