President Trump, United States, Senator Mccain discussed on Battle Lines


Say it it act contrary to many people ponding on the left and hit hard question why is a hard question because we have actually two of law and appropriate appropriately coat it might be relevant here one is the ordinary criminal law the other is the laws of war enemy combatant if the precedent pen the president i presume has more pack it the president makes and determine an attack was not an ordinary sort of crime but rather that attack on the government of the united states then we have an enemy combatant here well he already says he considers him to be an enemy combatant but he's not yet classified him is such senator graham and senator mccain of of of south carolina and arizona respectively believe he should be categorized as an enemy combatant do you see trump may be changing his mind on this were going that far yes or no of course the press the president could change his mind on the pact we have now it does seem to me he was entitled to make the determination that the news vecchi of them as an enemy combatant finally with srn news i'm ron's iraq stra of the house gop tax plan was unveiled thursday as president trump president trump that is jumped for joy tweeted his praises thursday evening the president texted out that the lobbyists her storming capitol hill republicans will hold strong do was right for america the eight people killed in a truck drivers rampage in new york city were honored with the nighttime walk thursday night down the riverfront esplanade where the victims died the walk took place just hours after the city began installing protective barriers along the path the former boss of a man accused of opening fire inside a suburban denver walmart killing three people says the man abruptly walked away from his roofing company job hours before the attack police arrested the 47yearold following a brief chase thursday morning in the northern denver suburb of thornton several blocks from his apartment building this is srn news.

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