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Page. They said little. Facebook page though setup little facebook page and see what happens and see if there's some kind of appetite for us author four months i got back into Says since i last spoke to you. I have been in the newspapers on tv. I've done all of this amazing stuff. And i have to has people following when page in four months which is pretty incredible and i signed my book contracts the following week so it was pretty quick and i got introduced to you because oscar is a little bit older than my quadruplets. So you had already published the first book. The baby lead feeding. Cut book when i was like looking for resources like okay. I'm interested in learning how to do. Baby led weaning. Because i struggled a ton of spoon feeding my oldest and i had quadruplets and i was like i'm gonna do baby led weaning but there weren't a ton of resources out there so your book was like the bible to me and i absolutely love love. Loved your book and i've been using ever since i recommended all the time it's on amazon. I'm going to be sure to linked to it in the show notes. But you have a second book as well. Which is the baby-friendly family cookbook. Is there a difference between the books so both books have recipes in them forbade lead waiting for what i did with the second book was. I took all of the questions that i had received in relation to the first book things dash. I could've improved with us like having a male plan or having some sort of symbols that signified whether recipes for freezer friendly lunch fox friendly and baby led weaning friendly because they were the questions. I got asked all the time on the first book and it was the first time i don a book so it was complete learning curve for me so the second book. I made sure that all of those questions were answered. I catch a spreadsheet tonight added things to us on. I've turned below. Sea team comes to. It's why we're friends. Ilena also have terrible. Ocd but also i think in the second book. It has american recipe with right conversions. Yeah yeah that was a huge thing for me and my first book because my publisher was supposed to send the bulkin tried to get into the us and then it never happens but your book is super popular here the first book i mean it's so big you can buy it on amazon. You have to look up how to do the conversions or you waste. It's not like a huge deal. I mean i use it all the time. i didn't even realize i wanted to create staffers. The bulk of the us version would have the conversions us. But it's just never it never happens. Unfortunately i'm like. I brought at the second books thinking. If i have those conversions in there it will make it a little bit easier but my publisher took over there so i think if i if i am going to do another bulk i'd like to do with. Us code shirt about my aim. Says i'm not listening. So i lean one of the areas. That's a real sticking point for parents are sauces so we always ate feeding dry foods like dry proteins and drive. You can't feed dry foods to babies dry foods are choking hazards the more moisture. We can add. The we reduce the choking russo. Always say you'll pancakes. We got a top with a dipper or a sauce or a topper gave us some basic ideas on sauces. Because i think it's such a pain point for parents. They don't know how to make sausage because commercial sauce. Too much salt in them for babies allegedly so in terms of snacking kind of sauce. Even kinda going to breakfast. I would've done like preloaded spoons with yogurt. So that's kind of saucy. I would put in some mashed bruce mc look And you're still.

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