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Version alabama matai something else to it so what i what my hope is is this let me just be honest with you i'm a tie i completed a book this weekend all right so i'm getting everything straight with the book getting the design the graphic design and all this other stuff i'm only going to sell a book for ten dollars all right if we can do five thousand sales in a month we become a new york times bestseller i'm hoping you guys will buy the book but this is the reason i'm talking about the book because i'm gonna take the proceeds from the book and pay for you all lodging who wants to come to the virgin allah so i'm gonna take the money this made on the book and give it back to y'all so y'all can come together and be that you would only have to get a flight out will take care of the law and that's that's my that's my dream that's my hope so that everybody can come to make it less expensive everybody to try to get down there so we all can get into saint place and strategize and put some things together now the reason why i want to do that is because of what happened in chicago all right when they shut down the dan ryan and everybody who's never been to chicago the dan ryan is is the freeway that runs through basically the south side of chicago all the way downtown and the sell side is predominantly black area that they should down is the predominantly black areas sixty seven to seventy nine street area now why are plot people in chicago coming together against violence to me it was a waste of march and let me say why i'm saying it this way it was the wasted march because it didn't affect the money in chicago it didn't affect city hall in chicago okay ineffective joe tax dollars because you had to pay for these policemen and everybody else who participated but the people who really get the money to put resources in our communities to put opportunities in our community those people live on the gold coast or in the south loop area or directly downtown and so the while the march is commendable it wasn't smart see this is i did this on social media this weekend i said look you know a lot of y'all fellow realized that the civil rights movement while it was a very good thing it really didn't give us anything gave us consumerism eating give us equality because the reality of it is in order to have equality you gotta have equity we don't have equity in the example that i give on this all the time for poor people all across this country is simply this if i'm six to five and i'm trying to see over a six four fence and you are too we standing sidebyside if they give me three inches i can set a three inch box i can see over the fence they give you the same three inch box you still can't see but they can claim your equal equality i gave you the same thing everybody else get even though giving you that did not help you at all you needed equity equity is the difference in what you need to get up to six five compared to being equal to somebody else who six two even dr king in his last days talked about how the civil rights movement did not accomplish what they thought it was going to accomplish and it was based on the equity position so i wanna talk about this march and a sense of how it was a good thing but what needs to happen next and i kept asking everybody this is fantastic thing what's the next move people oh you hate no no no i'm not hate know anybody that's the other thing this because somebody questions why this why what's the next step does not hating this asking a legitimate question yo okay this is good what happens after this are we doing.

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