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I take them out to dinner periodically. Every couple of don't live far from here to the dinner. You know talked about how the kids are doing. The baby's grandbabies. I don't see tories parents as often my birthday parties and things like that and not i get along great with you. Know everybody's kind of a big happy family. And amy and chris and we all bodey had a birthday party recently on all the you know the german family over there and we were there and then you know when lila had her birthday. We all got together with their parents in the in. The wife's parents soaks Where does pretty much big extended happy family. Most of the top. We have our moments as we all do mad so and then turning it over here to you as a dad. I know you got hit twins right off the gate here. We have myself. We have four kids from my wife. And i go in from two to three was probably the most difficult transition for us. As far as the nomination of kids what would you say was most challenging transition for you as far as number of kids that you went through i would say going from the trends you know. We were just like in a certain child. That was a wakeup call. A little bit that you know. Got the twins her during the toddler thing. And now you got a new baby. And you know with the twins. We we're very systematic. When you pull out the diapers we pull to diapers you know and when you line them up lying wife get the wipes and get two bottles. And so don't get me wrong. He would have something completely different to say about how hard which one would but for me. I was like wait a minute. I'm getting snapped toddler. Now have another baby that would be I would save going to to three was sort of a wake up. Call once you get the four and you kind of like okay. We got this down you know. Yeah nothing but respect for people have twin. Because i just don't by omar i two are about fifteen months apart and that was close that you know a little bit of their taste. But i couldn't imagine doing double duty at the same time so always have respect for people that are parents of twins. What about what were grown up. Did you always wanna have kids. When did it become known. Jewish that i would love to have kids or start families. That's something you always wanted to do. I always wanted to have careful thought expected. I would have children and someday i didn't know how many i think i talked about having a just two or three and so when we had a jacobs the one You know a little bit of fried. That took us off guard a little bit but that would grade. We're super happy with all of our kids. And they all bring something very special and joyful our lives and what has been. I mean. obviously this year everyone's to regular the pandemic has sent everybody pretty hard. What has been some of the challenges of you being granted that interrupt relationship with how many times often you could see the grandkids and how does depend on kind of place. You really should with the kids and the grandkids while obviously covert has affected everybody including honest here. Now we're very very blasted fortunate that we have this farm. You know this is one hundred and ten acres with many buildings and sleeping orders and kidron and blazes so we have been we call the star bubble rollo far bobble and we get tested regularly. We send in test cats and and you know. Send them out to labs. We'll get i get tested on almost every week During the to make sure that. I'm not getting it and pass it on so on but we take all the precautions. You know we've been doing the mask and vaccinated fully vaccinated now for last couple of months but Lee distorted costing our fingers and praying that nobody got the cova. Nobody brought the cope the bubble kobe. Indoor bubble and But i i haven't had you know not see the ran kids mud multi. Although it did we were trapped in their zone auto because of travel restrictions came up. Karen and i happened to be down in arizona when they put some tabby duty restrictions down so we miss them for about three months last year And nobody wants to. I wanted to see my grandkid. So they the process i went through. I ended up because he couldn't get on a plane driving back and sleeping in the car. Eating the sandwiches. Karen had wave me goodbye. I took the car that we have an arizona and drove all the way back to oregon to Get back to get back to cedo grandkids and they'd get tested and then the corinthian period anyway. The cogan hasn't been fun for anybody. Everybody's got hit with it in one way or another and the same roles but for the most part. We've been fortunate. Yeah i'm gonna touch a little bit more on the farms impact from covert in. Just a second here but bringing into the kids. What is what would you say has been the favourite attraction. I know you got a lot of things. I've been able to take the tour of the farm year you got you got projects going on all over the place. What's been the favourite attraction of your kids. What's like the homerun attractive for the kids that come door of the season. What what's the whole ball here. Well you know ships around the home reno that my kids i built all these fancy structures you know the the number dr tree house in the catholic a western town near the tower of terror and mike. It's love playing in the nature of the forest. You know we have about five acre four to two hundred varieties of trees multiple big matured and they would build ford's to dig whole burrow into the ground. Have campout sleep paintbox so they. They liked the my kids love the forest. That was always their favorite people. What do you mean. They don't like all the stuff you. But they love on the four instances that that nature you know in and so i think a lot of kids come out to the western town. That probably the big hit now. I've got some new project reading on the corner. You know that you've been able to see. Thank you for making that journey out here from from new jersey and so the the log cabin is you now is a big focus point for me right now to little structure of one room cabin my favorite for me. It's always the latest project. I'm working on my favorite but we have some go mali's gasol pretty cool in quite a few other things. Yeah makes sense. A lockout looks tremendous. It's it was exciting. A chance to take a look at it the inside of their. I can't wait to see the finished product. And it'll be able to reference where i saw it at this stage. It is looking very close and you reminded what you say. Their kids playing in the forest. It's like on christmas. Be by these elaborate gifts in the end. The playing with the boxes at toy came. And that's always the biggest hit. And i know one of the focuses here too is on the future of the form so you obviously have a newly strongly ship with karen. You also have grandkids. Now that are getting their first taste of the farm here. So how does all of this play into your decision on what the future to fall. I'm to be well. Obviously you don't care and has been familiar with the farm of you. Know for many years have been bolted employees here and now her night dating she. She's got a heart for the farm. She loved her. She has wrong chicken coop out there and she loves interacted with jackson and the grandkids. You know that love the farm so I think karen would admit this revenue come a farm girl in a lotta ways and enjoy. The beauty of the farm on jobs. Loves our getaway time. When i'm not distracted with the project so she shoots game you know point when she says when you gonna retire when i'm not ready to retire yet. Come back to that but She them a little bit. I think she would like to see me. Not have as many responsibilities here. Maybe spend a little bit more time with her down in arizona But she is committed to the farm in whenever she very good about whatever youth would..

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