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From the revolutions soft wash news center on wpro providence a cumulus station six o'clock wpro news good morning providence police are investigating a deadly shooting right down sapin not fair not far from la harbourside a campus a johnson wales twenty two year old man shot to death there police say they call came in at around eight o'clock last night is that on michigan avenue in providence no word yet any suspects nor but this was all about an investigation underway in a full washington this morning the president declaring himself unconcerned where the questioning of his attorney general by the special counsel correspondent bob constantini our man in washington has that story in the oval office president trump was asked about the revelation attorney general jeff sessions spoke with investigators working for special counsel robert muller last wednesday but i'm not at all concerned the question regarding talking to sanctions about the statements referred to sessions having been at the white house monday then a senator sessions was a constant presence within the trump campaign and during the transition plus the attorney general what mr trump fired james colmey bob costantini washington and offer of twenty five billion dollars or the president's southern border wall no longer on the table jump senate democrat chuck schumer made that offer leads friday in a lastditch effort to head the government shutdown sure those taken plenty of criticism from the left this is friendly fire for schumer said that they sold the dreamers down the road with that budget deal correspondent andy grove says the update and that's protections for socalled dreamers versus funding.

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