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Even into the nineteen fifties. This has something to do with not only the clothes audio logic relationship between all communist parties, but also because the Allston communist party was so weak that it was hardly possible for the Austrian communist party itself to survive without support from the outside. So very soon during the film's postal decade who the Austrian communists became even dependent financially upon Soviet support. During his stain Vienna. Stunning. Made the Quainton of prominent communists, Leon Trotsky and Nikolai Bihar. Pardon incidentally, helped him finish his book the national question. Both would perish during the stone. This terror of the nine hundred centers along with hundreds of thousands of other men and women. But even though stuns bloody record is now common knowledge. Few people in Australia seem to care about the plank. That's for a reason says, professor voice, Camilla, popular and cheered to what style and was much bitter in western Europe than it was in eastern Europe to certainly to do with the basic fact that these had been occupied by the radar me for a very long time for for decades, and they had really suffered all parts of Stalinist terro. This was not the case in western Europe in countries like France, and Italy, the communists were highly popular and that when ten in hand with a high reputation and prestige style in personally enjoyed in these countries as having been leader of a World War ally. And it was the case in this. Entry India early postwar time as well even. So there have been some attempts to get the plank removed most of them interestingly from the far-right Freedom Party. It did not respond to requests for an interview. But historian Lisa closer from the university of Bamberg has theories. It was more issue. Crabbing read memorials as opposed to Brown or Brown memorial to write in graduate orients. Our you know, let's wait. Some people some scholars that I talked to mostly talk off the record issue. Only me that they wanted to preserve this Redmond Boyle spent over four hundred systems, but it didn't have to win sterling as a person not as you know. It's so he pick fater so many things. You know, the plunk is still there on the wolves and building is it. Just a historical curiosity saying is it something that people should be concerned about is it something that should be remembered as something that should be raised. I think it is all of that last word from professor von Miller. It hasn't been debated enough. I think that much more discussion is needed about Stellan ISM and about also communist dictatorship in central Europe. This has happened at the doorstep of this country, and it has been very quickly forgotten. And if we look at discussions that are going on today within the European Union migration and other topics that are currently very intensely debated. And sometimes so some sort of a Cleveland between central Europe and western Europe, and in order to overcome this Cleveland, I think it would be good to talk and to discuss much more about stallion is meant these Doric memory. For Monaco and Vienna. I'm Alexei Corrado of. Thank you say and even listening to stories Monica twenty four production. Thanks Aleksei for that's remember to tune in every Thursday for.

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