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When they arrived at the beach. It was busy the heat and the national holiday had brought everyone out to enjoy the water. The kids were looking forward to getting to spend some time splashing rushing around in the cool crystal Blue Ocean. The three children stepped off of the bus and walked through a vast sea of people on on their way to the beach. Each one of them a stranger. They made their way down to the water where they began to play. Jane made sure that grant wouldn't go into deep. She had to be responsible. Her mom depended on her to look after her younger siblings. They were having the time of their in life completely unaware that someone was watching them. Nancy was in the kitchen when she checked the clock on the wall. It was a quarter past noon and her children still weren't home. They were usually really punctual. Jane was responsible enough to get them home when they needed to be. Maybe they had missed the bus at noon and waited until the next one left at two because it was too hot to walk but to came and went. Nancy grew nervous her husband. Jim arrived home at three to find Nancy distraught. He assured her that everything would be okay and left to look for their kids at the beach while she stayed at home. Willing them to walk through the front door. She would be furious that they were late but relieved that they were in her arms. Jim Parked his car at the crowded beach and began his search. He made his way down to the water but didn't spot as children amongst the countless people spread out on the sand enjoying the ocean breeze. He spent two hours walking up and down the beach and surrounding streets but couldn't find his Jane Arna or grant among the vast crowd of people. He went home in hopes that his kids had returned on their own however when when he pulled up the driveway his heart sank. His wife was waiting for him and there was still no sign of their children. She she got in the car and they headed to the authorities for help. They arrived at the police station a little before six. Still wondering where their kids were her. They seemingly had vanished up next will follow the desperate search to find the three siblings news and the impact that it had on Australian society now back to the story on January twenty sixth nineteen sixty six six. Three siblings went out to spend a morning at the beach and never returned their parents. Nancy and Jim Beaumont went to the police station in mere hours after their disappearance. The search for Jane Arna and grant Beaumont began in earnest. The police combed the beach. Each and people began canvassing the surrounding neighborhoods looking for any signs that the children had wandered over there. It was initially thought that they had just wandered often were lost but as time passed authorities became concerned their disappearance could be the result of something sinister three days after the children went missing. A woman said she had seen the children walking past the local boat haven. The day they went missing sing coal-lease drained it and rows of military cadets waded through the deep mud looking for any signs of the children but they found nothing everyone in the town was invested in finding the three children alive however as the hours stretched in two days and the days days turned into weeks. The children remained missing with each passing day. The dread grew and the local media became fixated on the Beaumont case nearly every day an update was given but it always ended the same way they were still missing. The public began to realize that the worst head likely happened to the children. No one could quite believe that they had gone missing in in such a quiet safe community. Parents around Australia grew more protective over their young ones and didn't let them go outside on their own. If it could happen to the Beaumont's it could happen to their kids as well. The investigation seemed to reach a new stage when police talked to a few of the shopowners owners down at the beach. They had seen the children the day of the disappearance. They recognize them because they frequently went to the beach and stopped by one shop owner. who had sold the children? A Meat Pie noticed that they were spending time with a man they hadn't seen before the man had sandy hair her and look to fit in with the beechy crowd. He was tanned fit and wearing swim trunks. He was their prime suspect and and police quickly had a sketch drawn to release to the public. However even after countless leads were exhausted he still remained? Elusive live months past and the media. Attention never wavered. It reached such a frenzy that a world renowned psychic arrived to locate the children. He was predictably unsuccessful but not before he had raised the hopes of the Beaumont parents months turn two years and the Beaumont children remained missing yet. Nancy and Jim never quite gave up hope that their children would return to them. One day they lived in the same house for years after the disappearance. Because Nancy couldn't think of anything worse than her children coming back to an empty house she passed away in September of two thousand nineteen at the age of ninety two still waiting for her children. The disappearance of the Beaumont children remains one of the most famous missing persons cases in Australia. Yeah every few years the media conduct its own investigation and digs up new suspects. The police might get involved in oblige the public doc but ultimately nothing ever comes of it to this day the case is still open and the Australian authorities say that they will continue. Can you their search for Jane Arraf and grant there is a million dollar reward for anyone who can provide information that will solve.

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