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The leading sprint of coffees and it was telling me i was asking a man teams and we would would it affects the sprinters trains and any told me you know told me there were no trains anymore said you know sprints of change and now it's it's almost just a sprinter and is lead out men and has no no more trains well unfortunately for christopher dot and other guys there's one train left and it's the quickstep throwing it was very impressive i mean i thought i think kissel be pretty happy with third laporte decent v i mean i thought that was okay identify anybody close the door on him and the running joke there and laporte and marcel kissel 'em who's been out of sorts really this year is not in boswell starts morning has kept to shut teammate to shops and teammate and basel said the kids are giving them a little talk last night and said we start with a clean slate in ever issues we've had so far this year we start with a clean slate tomorrow a chance of winning station taking the jersey and of course as you said earlier line one five stages last year i think third today shows he's got the condition on the form he's not la far away you know some of the other sprinters surprise at greg dining kevin dish wasn't wasn't a hit a problem with his chain of thing to name brooke chain so i wouldn't be surprised if seen common dish up there i think takes him these days a few stages to to find his sprinting leg yeah braun home might appoint gaviria is is coming from ten years ago combinations always taken a few days to get into three of them it's impressive sprint twenty sixteen appall 2016 of course yeah when the the last time the jersey was up for grabs on opening road stage i'm do you know either of you the last to the front debutante to win the very first stage over to the from sub inconceiva two thousand four was prologue it wasn't it was boardman's and ninety four david miller in two thousand kohl's wasn't a program that was a time trial wasn't hundred on trucks trial was you were yeah i on need to go back and look maybe the listeners can somebody can can work for me i have a night tommy who was lost drop lychee references in here till tomba you get the listens to to then do your research yet anyone can tell me who was lost deputy to win on that very i i in the tour de france but it has to be a road stage a time trial we'll send you a prize tweet us cycling on school podcast done forget you can listen killometres zeal are moaning show every day during.

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