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The reason why m b means business member at the i see all right so here's what we do to thirty everyday we introduced the brian urlacher phrase of the day then later in the show we will play the bryner lacquer phrase of the day could happen at any time top of the hour during a commercial break in the middle of an interview when you hear that phrase of the day you have to be caller fifty four if you call her fifty four in the hopper tomorrow we'll be giving away another grand prize trip very cool i have this right to do no we're not giving away tomorrow we're just two to people tomorrow right now because we missed a day for the fourth of july that is correct sir okay so yes extra qualifier tomorrow and we will pick one of our winners tomorrow grand prize winner then after friday we'll do it one more week we will reset the hopper and you will start a new so you have a one in five chance if you are in the hopper this includes transportation to and from on the party bus it includes two nights' stay in the canton ohio area and includes these induction tickets which are so high brother got his way back when when they first announced it and he said he was fortunate and it was very very difficult to get so people these people are lucky if they can get to the only induction have ever been at his win dan hampton got inducted looking forward to seeing brian brian has promised us during the show on friday and our listeners will get a chance to see the show on friday the brian is promised us that he will stop by the broadcast in some form or fashion wave they'll give you the wave he's been very good tremendous he he recorded all of these phrases again don't call down just file this in the back of your brain and know that you'll need this later when it's being played maller what do we have today today's brian iraq or phrases the day is hey brian urlacher here if we thought i was going to middle linebacker just imagine if the bears let me play safety that was the whole safety thing remember translate to middle linebacker linebacker in general he's just a safety at new mexico it's funny because how many years is the bears look for a safety they're still looking say that the bears haven't solved safety since mike brown laced him up heavy safety back there mike brown will be in canton oh i bet you he will i there's gonna be a lot of former bryner lacquer teammates in canton will we should have a great show on friday because they'll all be there bryan is told us that his party he's doing like a bears after hours party pairs you're playing thursday night okay in canton and then brian after the game is doing an after hours party for all this buddies and while we're fortunate to kick the invite that's very nice leaving into friday morning so i would assume that all these former teammates will be in canton so we should be able to bring you one former bear after another maybe we can get jada swing by sure i'm sure he's going to be there did you play the jay cutler kristen cavalieri soundbite to from the other day even basketball they're doing the kristen cavalier reality show yeah so one more time for the price of the day is what you're listening for hey brian urlacher here if we thought i was good at middle linebacker just imagine let me play safety oh yeah i wanna love to obscene and safety yeah he could probably still play safe data so when you hear that caller fifty four three one two three three two three seven seven six let's say john payless johnny you're on espn one thousand salo to fred hubner a longtime listener hey johnny staying safe.

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