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We started, they started advertising here. I wasn't aware of their brand. But I am a kind of a razor snob. And I lack a good shave because I don't shave every day anymore. So just try to I should show you this this week. Anyway, it's our hell of a product. They didn't overthink things. And so if you have, if you shave, no matter what body part, here's your deal. It works out great. Hanson shaving dot com slash JR. I think you're gonna love it. I know you're gonna love it. I also love that we see the cactus Jack chainsaw Charlie tag title situation come to a head. Even after the dumpster match, it's a brutal cage match here. Or we're gonna see Billy Gunn and road dog join DX. They're so much happening on this Monday night after WrestleMania. Do you agree with me, Jim, that this might be the first major important Monday after mania? Yeah. Yeah. I think you're right. I think you're right. It's hard to say the most or whatever, but I think you can make a very valid point to Conrad. It's huge. And you know, look at this, our notes and it's just so good. A lot of guys are getting a chance to be stars. Getting a chance to be main eventers. You know, I don't remember what Billy Gunn and doctor my daddy was earning, or our Brian, the road dog. But I know their income went up hugely on because they were booked and their downside guarantee was wiped out quickly. I think both those guys won, I remember, I don't remember what year it was. It might have been this year. I don't recall. Or they both met 7 figures. We had 20 something guys make 7 figures a year or two. Wow. And I always looked at that as success and a win for good old JR, because it let the talents make as much money as they could. And he hoped that they save, and prepare for the future, knowing that this run can not and will not last forever. You can't hardly tell the talent that because they just don't buy it. But bottom line is there's peaks of valleys. There's trends and the new age outlaws for what we needed at that time. They did a great job. No doubt they did, and let's talk about the reason that we're here. Austin McMahon, if you really go back, you got to probably go to September at 97. That's when Steve Austin is still recovering from being dropped on his head at SummerSlam 97. You're going to make your Madison Square Garden debut for Monday Night Raw. It's a big show. It's where we would see before the cameras turned on. Brett visit with Vince and Vince can't honor your contract pal. See if you can get that third Turner deal. We see the debut of cactus Jack in the WWF, but we also see Stone Cold Steve Austin, Stein, Vince McMahon. It's the first time we saw Vince and physicality like this since Brett pushed him down earlier in the year around WrestleMania season. But the idea that the chairman now, who we haven't really officially acknowledged too much on cameras being the boss, taking that stoner, then of course Austin gets escorted off to jail. Two months later, we see the whole Brent screwed Brett debacle in November of 1997, and that's when the real march for WrestleMania begins. Of course, we know two months after that, we have Mike Tyson come into the company. We have the face to face moment and Vince is furious on camera, and that's when it feels like, okay, we've got something here. Yeah. And that's January of 98. Now here we are in April of 98. We've got a backstory, but it's still feels illogical that you would have the boss, the former voice of the show, being the ring. Do you remember how do you remember first hearing about that creative and what was your response? That Vince is going to wrestle. Well, first I was surprised. Maybe I should say I was shocked. Because I knew that Vince would not engage in this endeavor, if he did not truly feel in his heart that he could pull it off. He was living his dream. That we finally got to be in the ring as a wrestler. And so, you know, I was shocked, I was surprised, as I mentioned, he surprised me even more of this performance. And he and to Austin's credit and misses credit, they worked together to pull it all in. But to me, it was a natural progression. It's exactly what you wanted if you felt like that the heel events was healthy enough and able to execute. And protect Austin, we got to remember, when I talk about events being the best heel to WWE, during that period, it was appealed to a period because it was all the preparation and the featuring whatever you want to use is all about Steve.

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