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Single them the month and this is a situation which continues to deteriorate with multiple fronts in italy a bear in a free in in his words are the people stranded in real bond we have so many locations where we're getting sos call some people saying help us we really need some help our middle east at a set jeremy though in was on the edge of eastern gusa alongside the aid convoys shortly before they left so these are the longawaited trucks the convoy which is due to go into eastern through to the first convoy since the fourteen th of february but frankly before that they were very few as well so very far from here and there has been steady outgoing fire from a a heavy gun not too far away this is the first slight easing of the siege it's only temporary though and i think though the people in eastern grew who get the supplies which the trucks carrying are going to be very pleased to have since the upsurge in fighting in eastern gusa multi impatience has been following developments from neighboring lebanon and he spoke to james cottle bush forty six trunks in total voter according to un spokeswoman but three all from our close to empty a map was because they were held a government checkpoint the vehicles were painstakingly sandwiched and according to that un spokeswoman government soldiers two medical supplies from three of the trucks lifesaving medical supplies as they purposes and they weren't allowed to continue with them but dad that convoy will be reaching duma and the un is telling us they'll meet several lars tom lorded is a substantial humanitarian convoy in the first time that international organizations have been a load in two eastern gouta since the up taken violence almost three weeks ago and that humanitarian convoy going into doom a dozen main does it the fighting has come to an end.

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