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Every step of the way and now it's time for the twenty four hour challenge ivan. What's the challenge you have for everyone listening today so we talked about the vp process. And one of the things. I've recommended that you take your database. Your whether it's an outlook list or sales database that you have and look at each and every name in there and try to determine where you think they believe you are in the process so you had visibility with this person or a. You had credibility with this person or profitability and profitability. You should be pretty clear. These are people that have referred you business. You refer them business. You have a an ongoing relationship the others you need to take your best estimate at where you're at now. Here's why it's important to do that. And you want to do it in in a short period of time because the way you communicate with the people in your contact database will substantially vary depending on where you are in the process. You know when you're somebody just a visibility and you say hey. Would you tell people about my seminar. I've got going. You're going to wait a minute. I don't even know you. Well know if you do it credibility. They might be willing to do it. But they don't really know you will but profitability. Those people say yeah man. You've helped me. I'll help you. She kinda learn how to communicate with people based on where they are in the networking process. Well i really appreciate that and again. We'll have that on the show notes at conscious millionaire's show dot com. And i just want to reach out and tell you how much i love you. How much i appreciate you how much i support you. And most of how much i admire the difference that you're choosing to make with your life. That's what we're all about at conscious. Mooner make a difference turned into prophet and get a life that is totally happy. And fulfilling for you. I specially want think all of our listeners fans are friends in austin texas and banglore india. And now it's time for the conscious millionaire questions and the first one of courses about mindset. Probably my favorite topic on the entire planet. What's the mindset and. This is a curious. I'm really curious about your answer on this when ivan you develop for discovering your best business opportunities i'll give you i'll give you three one. Is you want.

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