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Well that was the problem i grew up in california and i had an aunt that lived in central california and when she drive up to the us he would stop at the fruit stands on the side of the road and she gets his big craze of strawberries and she bring them up to our house and she would put them into our refrigerator and every time the refrigerator door was opened the smell of strawberries would permeate the room and i could not stand it and since then i've never eaten strawberry the thought of strawberry just is is terrible for me and the fact that actually did it the other i couldn't believe it either so that's what made his most surprising for me any says he ate his first strawberry it was absolutely the most gross thing he's ever really what is the one thing that you cannot will not eat okay so for my twenty first birthday right my friends kept giving me myers rum and drinking and drinking and drinking until i got sick so now i even the smell riers rum any room while i think i i know what that smells and i i can't have anything to do with it now trudell yeah is like this was shrimp really with any trim with any type of seafood so we went to this famous place in indianapolis called saint elmo's this was years ago we were just our last week but this happened years ago and they're famous for their shrimp cocktail so we made i said look today you have to try it.

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