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On pretty Simmons ESPN radio ESPN app. Sirius XM channel eighty EMMY. If it Simmons thank you for spending part of your evening with us before we get to the closing ceremonies involving fits files. A segment that stocks Yankee one of our producers likes to hear stories from my weekend travels as a field analyst slash reporter for college football in the NFL on ESPN radio. Myron I saw to trick plays this weekend. One in person that didn't work, and it's a shame because having a brother that a special teams in the NFL. I got a text from him. We don't talk NFL ball at all. But we'll talk every now. And then a little college is is Texas was that play by TC was genius. And they'll never be able to run it ever again. Thank god. Travis rock called the voice you heard there aka known as Brutus resident Ohio State fan. He was standing right there with me on on the sidelines when this remarkable play involving Jalen regular wide receiver TCU, and by way, TCU's a hell of a football team. He kind of bear calls onto the field. After Ohio State scored a touchdown offensively missed the two point conversion which say in my opinion was only mistake Ryan day. Interim head coach made for a high state. And then drawn Jones has re reads a remarkable tell from Sean Robinson teasha quarterback takes a shovel pass pick six and all of a sudden in about a minute and a half, Ohio State has opened up. A canny, you know, what on TCU Gary Patterson? One of the most underrated coaches and all of college football, in my opinion. So do you know what was break out that play right now? Jalen rigor now they returned. So as back to back touchdowns, basically, right? Regular comes on like bear crawls onto the field. Like a picture your toddler crawling onto the field to avoid the coaches of Ohio State and the kick coverage team seeing him he's laying down on the T of Ohio State, almost camouflaged. Right. And the back judge looks over and started pointing at him regular starts with his hand barely above the turf shaking his head going. No, no, no, I'm fine. We hear him telling me the judge. I'm fine. I'm good. I'm fine waving the back judge off, right? Kicked comes to to Turpin the receiver and kick returner for TCU to the to the far right raiders far left. All of a sudden. Right. When remarkable disciplined by way, from regular delay down on the T, and that's not easy till Turpin. Catches it Myron right rigor with about four to speed. He gone. No. But Turpin throws the ball two yards in front of him. He could have thrown at ten yards behind him. There was a caravan set up mean he's walking to the end zone, right? Momentum change your can never use that play. Again. If you're TCU at burned it's done its history. That wasn't even the best play that one didn't work, and it was a beautifully designed to play Myron. Though, the one that did work. We'll sell trill in Texas. North Texas means green give this listen worth and tan.

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