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So making sure that one people know it's normal to feel Odd to feel stressed and that there are things that we can do around that so some of the things that we do again to the public education. And then there are things on the website at the Cal hope dot org that her self help tools things around mindfulness. One of the easiest things we can do is think about turning off some of the news. The news can be overwhelming at times and just taken a break from the news. Take a breath. Just think about breathing Just a couple of deep breaths once in a while. And then relaxing can really help folks start to manage their stress. And if the website isn't enough, and the media didn't make people feel better. Then as you mentioned the cow hope, warm line where we have people available who have lived experience who have been through the kinds of things that we're going through now at the 833317 hope. They can call and talk to someone. And have that person listen and guide them to get to some resources. If that isn't quite enough to support folks, then the next level is actually talking to Christ, his counselor, and in this case, crisis counselor isn't necessarily a licensed and certified person, but at someone who's been trained in Assessing people and supporting them and then connecting them to the level of resources that may be appropriate. I'm speaking with Dr Jim Cooler gyms with Cal Hope, Jim. We've heard a lot about what Cal hope offers. Now. How do these pieces all kind of like fit together like a puzzle? Or you have a You have a strategy here? We do have edits. It's a little bit of a pyramid. We think that everyone in California needs to hear the message that it's okay to feel stressed and anxious, and it's okay to get help. And so a large media campaign like we're doing today of reaching out to the public, and some other examples of the kind of media that we've done is connecting with the San Francisco 49 ers and having them be trusted ambassadors for us and communicating with their fan base and in Southern California the L. A Kings, the hockey team. Being able to be trusted ambassadors and having the cow Hope logo on their jerseys and on their helmets so different ways to basically provide the general public with a clear message that There's help out there and it's okay to feel stress and it's okay to get help. The next level. After that total population is going to provide and drive people to the website, the Cal hope dot org website where they can find some resource is available to them some self help tools, some.

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