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With Chris tool. I final score of the evening comes from Charlotte where the Hornets beat the Indiana Pacers one twenty seven to one zero nine Jeremy lamb twenty one points, seven rebounds for the Hornets. Bill. Thank you, Chris. We'll see those Indiana Pacers on Friday night in Indianapolis as the Spurs will start a four game road. Swing through the upper midwest. Milwaukee Chicago and Minneapolis also stops on that trip. Pressure here by the grizzlies and Marco bell and Ellie Gibson an abridged Forbes out there with Rosen pussy pond veteran for the first time and Marcus all boots. Forbes angles left against Shelbourne MAC. Hi post Aldridge against the solar marquee match up backing down outside left to form for three. No and the rebound Omri Caspi thirty nine thirty eight Memphis by one inside eight minutes to go until laptop MAC looks over to see what JV Bickerstaff wants to running hands. The Marshon Brooks outflow. Right of the key Caspi finds a cutter laying it up and no good. Was MAC and the rebound to Forbes front white bell and Ellie thought about a transition three. Instead gets it back out to Forbes. He throws into the paint. It's Aldridge left corner. Three by pond. Dexter off the front of the rent rebound, Mark the Saul. Five Ford's for Mark Brooks out run against bell Anneli appetite feedbacks up his dribble. Nice draft to drive it inside gone all the way in all the way to the racking laid up in and Marshon Brooks for the basket, and it's forty one thirty eight I two for Brooks. Mike conley? And Jaren Jackson junior getting ready to check back in for JD. Bickerstaff Chris Forbes feeding it out to the jump circle to derozen around the screen by Aldridge driving Dhamar outside left now to Forbes. He'll take it inside all the way runner is around the ram and good for grim. Forbes. He's got four and it's forty one forty Memphis by one. Coming back. The other way too saw and context or got involved. They both fell to the floor and the foul is going to be calling footsie pond exter-, and that's the fifteen against the Spurs first personal in Quincy pond exter- who just checked in moments ago, the veteran from the university of Washington six seven to thirty averaging two points on a rebound. As man that's on dissolved just round white over pond, Dexter as we can chance to see a replay here. I don't know what Quincy pond extra could have done there. But the foul was called on pond. Dexter. Now. Dante Cunningham will come in four pond. Sure Gregg Popovich left something to say the officials in the come back down his under the floor. The free throw line for two. This off of the season shooting. Seventy two percent. The line. Forty five percent overall and forty one percent many steps outside and shoots the three first or two free. Throws four disol- around the rim and good. He's got five points to see. Jaren Jackson juniors gonna wait at the scores table because he's coming in four disol-, and now MAC is out and calmly as back in Rudy gay is getting ups off and he's going to check back in here momentarily. But he'll wait until after the disol- free throw his point to forty. Forty three forty s to Saul hits the second free. Throw cunningham. Forbes Aldridge fell Anneli and Derosier out there for pops. Three point lead. Memphis, Aldridge of the head of the left-wing Cunningham. Play by Caspi bow off the ball. As look like the Rosen was trying to set up down low, and he got fouled by Marshon Brooks. I personal foul Brooks. I'm a second team found Jackson juniors back in he'll come in or Marcus. Aw. Gay is in for bell and Eli's six forty seven remaining in the second quarter. It's a three point lead from Memphis grizzlies so far in the ball game shooting. Fifty seven percents Spurs at forty three percent. The rose inside line left gets it into Dante Cunningham play by Caspi outside. Right. Gay in the paint to the Rosen left corner opens way Brin Forbes off the front of the rim. Rebound poked out front and grabbed by calmly calmly takes the left side against. Now Selden drops it all. Marshon Brooks Brooks are going to drive into the paint and try to get it off. And so I got knocked away. Got it back in the paint outside. Dow Selden angle left three is often offensive rebound, Kathy. We'll put it up an end the rebound belongs to Marshon Brooks. And he'd just bound casting inside eight points off the bench for Caspi and Memphis has a five point lead jersey roses spinning inside shot off the glasses. Good as Rosenstock. Marshon Brooks all the way to the rack that time. It's forty five forty two number ten to Rosen has ten crossover dribble calmly, all the way and scoop lay up around the rim. No good. Rebound aldridge. Aldridge outlet. Little Florida gay gay takes the right side to Forbes thought about a transition three gets back outside the gay gays gonna drive on Caspi, although runner off the glass is good for Rudy gay. He's got six forty five forty four. Memphis by one five forty remaining until halftime marshawn books with the dribble across the lie Whiteside. Mike Conley for the top. Jaren Jackson left-wing seldom. Laid thereby to Rosen high post to Caspi guarded tightly by Cunningham straddled the line with eight to shoot taking the right side. Caspi flips to common picked up the switch by cutting driving Cunningham all the way in the pace. His floater is good Mike Conley. With the basket. He's got ten and the leaders three from Memphis, forty seven forty four five twelve to go in the second quarter. Here's Brennan Forbes turned the corner left stops to the elbow. Now that is operatives gate into the post. It is Aldridge. Pump fakes had the ball away. Got it back. I'll try it again. And he went up and got fouled. Jaren Jackson got him. I do believe if so that's the third personal foul the rookie, and it is that's three on Jackson and three team fouls against the grizzlies. Now a bit of a conundrum for JD Bickerstaff dissolves got two personal fouls. Jackson's got three to Michael Green off the bench has three personal fouls. So Spurs might be able to take advantage of that. Because three of the main bigs for the grizzlies are a little bit of foul. Trouble with Jackson. Andrew Michael Green each with three free. Throw four Aldridge is good. Six points for LA Aldridge will have one Moore's Anderson his back in. And Garrick sample back on the floor as well. Jackson staying out there though with three personal fouls. That surprises me a little bit. One more free throw here for Aldridge. Plenty of time left.

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