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Philip Barlow Hollywood's famous private detective created by Raymond Chandler, Philip Marlowe, tough cynical murder. My sweet the sardonic case hardened detective of the Brasher Doubloon the lady in the lake big sleep using them an action, and all those top-flight mystery pictures, Don order that you may continue to enjoy this exciting misty series types. It brings you the adventures of Philip Marlowe on the air with a cast of noted radio players, starring MGM's, brilliant and dynamic young actor van. There was a rough desert wind blowing into Los Angeles at evening. It was one of those guys come down through the mountain passes, and curl your hair. Make you nervous jump on your skin edge nights. Like that every boost party ends up in a fight and meek little house wise, feel the edge of a carving knife. And study their husbands next anything can happen on the Santa Ana blows in from the desert. Closed up my office early. I got tired of reading Philip Marlowe private investigator back to the ground glass of my office door. So I opened the door and close the from the outside and locked it went out to get a fair before I went up to my apartment. Filler up.

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