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One writes in with a question for the John Ross knobs, John is punch out graphically it's boxing's sports or fighting game mechanically puzzle or rhythm. It's boxing, boxing, fighting the puzzle rhythm game. It's just boxing, it might be with you because it's all about memorizing might or might come along with you. There's a slight difference because it's not set patterns. It's not going to be the like some they have their rotations. They'll go through. Sometimes you have to react and that's where the rhythm I think comes in rhythm games can be random to rhythm. Is gonna get ya? Yeah, it's top. It's it's sports, boxing arcade? Yep. You can't even move boxing arcade and not sim. Boxing splits into two, it's arcade or sim. This one's arcade. Yeah. I don't think it drills any deeper down than that? Yeah. If you want to say it has elements of other games, boxing game than punch out. I mean, you're in a boxing ring, boxing, you could talk about the mechanics of it and that sort of stuff. Sure. But it is a pocket game. This is an easy when you don't need over, think it and think you do header memorization like a place of so many different games and John rouse like it's not just a puzzle apply for them, but that's the whole mechanics of the game. This literally entire game is remembering the patterns and moving around. That's like saying that any game with an experience points bars and RPG. Yeah. RPG elephants. Yeah, I would say rhythm element. This is boxing elements. I say it's boxing, I with elements of other stuff. I feel like a boxing game. It's not boxing. You get punched. You get knocked out. One punch sometimes deaths boxing's harsh. No, it said it was realistic, boxing, call him little opposite. What if you somehow modified? DDR met play punchout. Okay. And punch John Drake in the face times? Yeah. What kind of game is it? Then? It's a crime. Forgot about that. We still haven't full. We'll get up for UPS. I'm time get Drake back in here. Yep. He had no idea what was going like. Put this on. Because I was sitting there hosting, and I remember at the time like there there was like enough loose word. I think Drake might be actually hurt. Fuck, really? Fine, fine. Like we give Chandra concussion. Down for the punch him in the fucking face like Jesus the same years, though era, no on air, what's your worker? Yeah, play it a little fast moose around here sometimes. All right. Last Email, Dan from Brooklyn. Last Tuesday, congressman Duncan, Hunter or California wasn't dieted for breaking campaign finance laws and using donor money for personal expenses..

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