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And really choose people that I really feel like we're going to do really great this year. So my first tweet is going to be Winston Duke. So Winston played him Opoku, I know in Black Panther. And he was so good. He had like a really a breakout role in that even though it was so small, and then he is starring in the new movie s Jordan Peele. He's also going to be in wonderland. That's being done by Peterberg. And he's going to be co starring with Mark Wahlberg. Now normally I would be like that seems like a. I'm like bad me. No, that's how people are going to get to know him. Because people love them some art Walberg movies. They make a lot of money. Plus, I like Peter Berg maybes weirdly, I still really love cedar. Right there. Well, it's just usually hot guys. So I like how different Winston Duke is in his different roles. So I'm looking forward to that. My next one is weird because people generally know who he is. But I think twenty nineteen is going to be his year, and that is actually Levi. Okay. Here's what thing I think is turning the marvelous MRs Mazel was fantastic and unexpected. I didn't even know he was in it until he showed up on my screen. I was like oh, Hello. What are you doing here? And then I was like I'm don't want you to leave were so cute in this. And then he's going to be in the lead inches Zam. And it's getting a lot of like early film festival buzz. And so I think this is going to be his year to finally break out a guy who's really been on the sidelines and like beloved by a lot of people, but never really famous famous venture. And so and then my final one is Maggie Rogers. She was she's a singer. She was recently on Sanal and got a lot of that's how a lot of people found out about her. And when in reality sheet, literally like ferrall was. Like teaching a course at our college. And like had everybody write a song. And then he signed her right then based on the song, she read in the class, and she has a new album coming out in January she's touring most or twenty nineteen opening right now for like Mumford. And so she I just think this is going to be here, you're I'm already already have tickets to see your Birmingham. I'm so excited. And so I think this will be a big year for her hus- good. That's a good list. Melissa I've got several to go quick. My first one is Meena massad. Yeah. He is playing Aladdin in Aladdin. I think I'm a little more bullish on you on Aladdin than you are. And again, I don't know what bullish and bearish means somebody. He's not wrong. But I feel very control the Iran now, you're either way, but he's he's very talented. When I look for is like people who booked a big deal thing. And then booked a lot of smaller deal things. Right. Because that tells me they're going to be permeating the culture a little bit. And he's in some strains for true run. This town reprisal. Warning right after land. And so I think he's going to have some staying power. There's a there's a girl Kaitlyn Dever. She was in short term twelve. She was in Detroit where I saw her was justified. She played Loretta mccready. She's a young kid. I think she's been on last man standing, unfortunately for her, but she's poised to jump into some bigger roles like them the follow books. Martin. Unbelievable. I think she's really she was good as a kid. So I think that's going to probably. Lawrence was in a TV show with Jeff foxworthy. So everybody's got star somewhere. Okay. Right. The other. I've got another guy. Caleb Landry Jones? He just has a knack for being in really good projects. He's in three billboards that was really good. But he was in it. But he was he is the brother from get out the weird, brother. He's got one of those weird faces. I think he's going to be great character actor Kathryn Newton. She's in the second season of big little she's in cop blockers, cock lockers, and she's in. She was in three billboards sue as the girl I was like the daughter the quickly she's in labor too. But she's in a TV show called the society, which is like young adults OC esque territorial. We're here for that very here for that Sydney Sweeney..

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