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Iskoe say hawkish keystone hate because i think that that said that was important and i'll tell days is there an what's that it virginia tech virginia tech kind of at net i don't know what he say they're they're nickname when we had the situation in pairs you know people were picking on the muslims in the community the tech community head a big rally on on the yellow drill fail and they gave out bands i don't have an on my now but the ban said ho case don't hate and i thought year next a third life lesson next statement that i think is important to make copies don't hate we don't hate i am as i say i am incredibly thrilled that yoshizawa look at my work look at at some of the things that unom that i've done and they found some good ended i like to think you know he central hampered alizer and so that's something i don't nettle i really don't and i get asked in i'm seventy two so i get as well what do you think the kids she do today and i don't i don't know what the kitchen due to date they know what they should do today and like you know black lives matter i think that that's important i have the button i can't breathe i think that that's important not just because of the gentleman but because if we don't let the air be free none of us can brie but they don't need me to tell them what to do they're perfectly capable and and i think they've done and incredibly good job but you know we're just all living in this world at this time and one of the great a thrills of my life osama space free come and appalachian yes i was born in knoxville tennessee grew up in cincinnati and i'm now here i was in new york for twenty years it's oba but i am now here and in roanoke virginia so i spent most of my life an appalachia we are used to the quiet and we are used to looking at the star in my opinion looking at the start dreaming and if we're going to really go into space we really need to things of that nature of light that we we we need it well actually we need black people winner in willie more black people involved and we need wine and we.

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