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Every. Walk casual casual embarrassed to leave. Anderson's wave is tailing your face. He's like straight here. I'm trying to make him. Oh he's he's he's also is down to get fed. He's leaning into me like I don't like it but I'm yeah this is my food. Strike him he just lays on the floor. Now that's nice. It makes me a little bit sad for him but we have new puppy. Actually that is some new news that we have a new edition. His name is Ronald when he's not Ronnie most of the time. He's another little risky blessed so he's very shy but he's obsessive Paddington Paddington. Ninety percent of the time reciprocate. Same love for others. So yeah he's doing really well lonely. Yeah he's he's doing really well but yeah enough a little bit of Life News of her second child and you look great. Oh she's been giving birth to my talk tracks understand that one more thing. I wanted to make sure you news on. It's really just a heads up. It's going to come out and it's going to sell out and we all know this is going to happen New Jeffrey Star polit blood. Sugar family a blood lost loved law. Halifa we what hurtful essay I kind of guessed it might be pepple onto Sundays headbutting. The microphone because I was thinking about it and then I'm like well. He's done red and blue purple one. There wasn't instead purple. Ou is nice. Yeah it's massive on its velvet. You're gonNA Treat Yourself Linzo because it looks beautiful. But it's massive mentioned eights massive. I'm not really a purple Gal. All especially crushed velvet. Go Yeah I know what you mean. So why the the red? The blood blood sugar Which in my head. They weren't especially my callers either. There were a lot of wearable callers in that as well. I love that and the packaging even though it was massive feels like a big old vhs. Because that's it was easier to stash the Shane Dawson Palette. Which I do really like. It's just a bit massive. I think this is the thing. Sometimes like when things are made for like collector's value or their collaboration as much as beautiful is somewhat harder to use them. Aren't pack them. You can't take them away with you All you have to take out to do that. Well that's the thing and I also feel so weird when it's Jeffrey Star because he is a makeup artist and he works with Sony makeup artists. And like you know what you're doing so like why are you making everybody's life difficult Jackson out but I get the pigment and the quality to me is fantastic. His School Miller is absolutely beautiful but he does make product to be collectible. Yes to the dressing table dressing table. Special it's not like one that's going into draw with Dell Pilots Yep. I'm surprised that it doesn't make a pro edition. Yeah I feel like that could be a route that he ends up going in on. So yeah the Joe. Mcgrath doesn't do that as well wish. She would be amazing because her speaking accounting for anyone who gives a beep a pot one's a really really hard to count because the noise then no entertain line up he's got hacked to pieces and also tastes like baked. Sometimes you can take them all bait. He's a very it's a conundrum. Yeah Melissa Nightmare. Pack OPA OPA offering packed in metal to have a prohibition of your eye shadows. Play is particularly. You're asking for better. Another reason to buy us off. I wouldn't be mad about if I was A. Oh honestly listen. Says I agree. He's into it he's into his Dylan. Well I guess it's time Lindsay is is we can take a quick break and then when we get back from said quick break. We're going to talk about the CAS Hollywood's biggest night. Sorry what was it three days ago. Now eight what is now days ago. I was on a plane so I missed it. I was working on this without it was three days ago Sunday evening. Yeah Fischbach everyone loves it was over. It was over a week to you. But we're speaking to you from the past the actual time travel so it was. It was only three days ago. I watched the Red Carpet. And then hotter gonNA clain red carpet now. Even I've seen that transitions make PA. I'm always fascinated if you guys. Think to yourself Lindsey. You find south using red carpet. Makeup has really got braver than it's ever been. I feel like I know there's always housing Ling's share. It's been a bit boring. I think just I believe maybe boring brave these days like maybe I mean. Don't get me wrong always going to stand for Lucy Boynton. Yeah I'm always GONNA say Joe Baker Unexciting Shit on her face. Stop loads of Shit on her face and she's beautiful so she's carrying off. I'm going to wear it down the supermarket but she looks stunning. One thing. I love about the way. Joe Baker does Lucy's is they. Don't overreach anything yes. You always see her skin imperfections. You always see the texture of her skin. We Larry honest but whilst being very editorial and Berry lead which I do love him. I just felt like this. The golden gloves were worse for. I think the Oscars was a little bit better but there was just like everyone either had a no makeup. Look Statement Harley lip and no makeup SOCIA- Ronin same face. Everything she went. Jude derive their this Shit Halo Water and then like I bet you person it was beautiful by how well translated to the red carpet. It just felt very underwhelming for me. But then that is in itself brave. All there was a lot of new lips or nude I read lip. Just love seeing a bit more excitement. Well I think you guys should check out. There's a make part is called Sandy. Gums are saying her name right and she works with Hunter Schaefer Sheet. It's really cool things so she did. I'm trying to find the references now so I can show you all I say show you all is if you can all see yukons pointless but we'll tell you what she even made those worn award season. She did recently with hunter where she actually made. Like shroff sqi finger casing so she baso and I thought that was really fun and she did. She did this. She kind of took the crystals like across the bridge of the news. And I think when makeup is like you said that's the word I would play for so it kind of goes out the comforts almost costume. It's a little hard because the skin is still natural. I feel like it does what you wanted to do. But you like. That's cool so I deck definitely recommend checking out Sunday guns to Sunday. Andy White G. A. N. Z. E. E. R. Recommend but yeah. That's beautiful checking HASTA foul. Also when there are so many young women young women women who are just bad ass. I like seeing them. Play a just a little bit safe. Unlike I love Beets Bates I never know. How does he waits? She looks amazing to me. Every time she breathes I think she stunningly beautiful Really loved her. Look but even that like look because they think they put so much emphasis on her head so is also has a natural curls. Show them all piled up they were really the focal point of her. Look really just didn't do anything to her face and she's going she doesn't need anything doing. Yeah wouldn't it be fun if we did? It's a real hard one because I think like I love the exciting like nuances may cut wire. It's playful little out that no so that you wouldn't be able to wear it via but then I also see I'm also a soccer fa like of Runako lay sort of like you know I love. I love old for me. Well and speaking of an old Hollywood Janelle monae yes to me. The most beautiful modern interpretation of that she had yeah gorgeous. Orange Red Lips of the Orange. That made it fresh and beautiful. That is just very lightly smokey but nothing was too much it was also pretty balanced and then the beautiful Saipa and then address was ridiculous kind of get married again so that was a brilliant draft and the makeup didn't address the orange pop on the lip really drew your. Yeah that's it. Brought such a perfect mix of the dress in the makeup working together An anyone could do that. Anyone could do that make up yes I love it. It's just so pretty. Yeah I think I mean it's funny because I think when I see someone without like traditional set in their a red lip and just a couple of like individual lashes and it all looks yet margot Robie but even slightly more to sort. I feel like that's like deconstruct almost like broth. Over his head because stayed left her roots and they left the inches of re-growth lake on an off day. I mean it was just like oh I don my beautiful finger waves and everything set gorgeous. But then we just didn't bother to do a roots but we do a makeup which. I thought was really interesting choice because if it had been perfect maybe it would look to perfect. Yes I did enjoy. I did enjoy the focus on nails as well. I've become more of a thing. Now that the season like obviously billy eyelash like that was a statement. The whole thing the chanel. The green hat loved it. I thought that was so she's INCR- and I love that she kind of enjoy that she will have like very nude face but then you know the half the lime green and the nails. It kind of feels relief package. I think is so interesting with her being so young and so creative and so talented and to lean into is such an early age. I think is incredible. Would terrify me to be as successful as she has been at that age. I'm like airy after but I love the because this is the thing you could so easily if you took her out of the oversize outfit took away the green. She's just a beautiful little doll. Yeah let's do such a good job of making her allowing her to communicate who she is through her style she just beautiful job of that and I love late chaired the Gucci Outfit. One and then the Chanel out fair the other like she just looked made the Makeup as it was stunning because it was so clean and beautiful really beautiful. I'm just looking through the images. Now I mean so just so many new I think because again also when you talk about zombies like her nails recall she had like little. She's about she had like a little cutout on. Hannah which was like a black tip but it was like in a diamond shape and I to me. I love it when you think okay after you really sheet. And there's just one tiny little detail like just catches your eye like for me. That is always really fun when it's like just something playful but you're always having to like you either find accidentally or you're kind of like. Oh Okay Yeah Yeah No. There was just so many interesting. There were sorry there were a lot of grown out blondes. Actually she says with their own growing up blonde girl. Kristen wig that as well there are a lot of people in Florence. Pugh had that as well and also. I think the short hair again. I think that's coming through like lovely. Livia feel like cheese. Right in the comedy. The Yeah Beautiful. Did she looks she brilliant? I thought she looked wonderful. Then in Britain type Anatomy Britain win pitches looks so fresh and perfect and like she just got up from the most glorious nap of all time so plump US always use describe a roast chicken so most of them. I'm going to say that clients. I'M GONNA I'm GonNa Make Chicken Cynthia Rio. What was about the bleach blondes? I love that that to me which now is not going to load and Cynthia Repo look was such. That was a statement look that she was really announcing itself all this she was nominated. Harriet it was like you. All you named after Harry and Tomlin I know okay. Just checking but yeah. I think that she really has announced herself in this award season by saying not only my here like I actually look. I should have been here my entire life to come out with that bleach-blond platinum crop and then dress was gorgeous as well but then like the very big statement. Dark is amazing nails. I really thought that to me was like a look. I'm here like love. Look I'm here. I wonder if we're going to see more men. Were I mean? Obviously I can tell you is make parties. I would say predominantly all. The men were wearing removing. We put it in the Industry Aka a little bit of concealing empowered. The has kinda done but I wonder if we can see more men experiment with makeup. I know that men have definite experiments fashion on the right call. Beloved empress spillage say. He's amazing but I think because of him now. I wonder if men are going to take more risks on top it. You know maybe experimenting with me like I think that would be really interesting. Is that last year's Oscars this last year's gone so fast but when cody fern who is also an American horror story with billy porter and he had a beautiful. I and he's gorgeous. It's stunning yes. He had a really beautiful I and gets run or something I knew he did. Say He's like a lovely finger wave peaceful. Yeah I thought he might do like an eye moment. Maybe it was very very subtle but it was maybe just because I know those boys like to Fox with the eyeliner yes even Antonio does like a bit of Guy Liner. We love that. They will look great. Obviously I thought Anthony. My auntie my to give a pop of Yeah Aubergine. I had something like that. The flick from Jovian I. I am all here for the short hair on the carpet. Yes me too. I think. That's very lovely woman Natalie. Portman looked like yes and I feel like the funny thing is when you think of Oscars I feel like the looks to IC- kind of and again I feel that classic. Look so I don't mind them. I just think that I notice year after year. In addition to the clean and the smoky is which is an artist. I'm off to do so. Yeah I feel like the era. The ice maze people.

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