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It's good now. Yeah list has been stuff. That's good this news is weird real stories that actually. Um You wanna read the first one first headline their underwear news. Police in India revealed device to detain corona virus lockdown. Violators without contact. Yesterday police have these giant a giant. Tong type that have giant. Tong grabber grammar. Oh Man Yeah So. We'll have a picture up on their. Ed disappeared for me. But they had these giant like tongues that they use to grab people knew around without being six feet. Are these stories you actually did or these are actual things actual no these are like. This is a real new. Oh yeah this is not Babylon be Can KENTUCKY GOVERNOR APOLOGIZES TO TO POX? A core for unemployment. Mix Up so this governor. He basically been saying that. There's been all these employment check mix up so we're sending checks to people that are all these aren't really dead but it turns out there actually is a guy named to pox occur in his Where he lives in the guy was upset is okay. I'm real so funny to me. That two Bokor or he's like Louis this check was made at the two-pack secure. He said we had somebody apply for an employment for to secure here in Kentucky and then later the.

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