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Lebron has had more help than michael don't do this don't do stars screaming it all on no is that he did play with two top fifty players dennis rodman and scottie pippin denis rodman make all star teams maybe maybe he made them top fifty player mess you question which is which is better being an all star being a top fifty player all time all stars when you're playing with michael he needs some help man now veron dinners ron when will the top fifty player all time before he even joined michael now or not true it would no it is true no so get what how did him getting tiny he blessed him he didn't he didn't make defensive player of the year with the bull i know that what he got they think that trump twotime declare the twotime champion act in your own track walk into a trap name to teammate twotime nba champion that lebron play with twotime before he got there he played for the bad boy pistons oh to get my join with a headache the warriors took care of business last night meaning the rockets one nine hundred one six in houston kevin durant led the way with thirty seven points in klay thompson added twenty eight james harden at forty one points after the game mike tony said quotes i'm going to tell him that he needs to get fifty five next time we're joined by jim jackson jim how can the rockets fixes fifty five is not the number i mean that's the issue houston i heard you talking about this to one basketball if i'm a defensive coach is so easy to guard.

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