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Our final segment of curb appeal, and I we mentioned just a few minutes ago. Ah, landscaping and I cannot give a better solution to you for getting that long looking great. And right now it's a great time to do it with the fall coming in, Get those nutrients in there before it gets cold. Can have its store all these nutrients in the roots of your lawn in your landscaping. Call my friend Joe Cotino. You'll really like him. He's in for 219522. That's for 219522. And I know a lot of my neighbors. Now we're using him and they got jealous because they got jealous. That's right. And look him up at bio green. S a dotcom that's bio like biology. Green essay dot com. And so landscaping is a wonderful thing that makes everybody feel good. It's good for the environment. It avoids slowly rose the bees. I've got lots of bees at my house. That's not everything is just blooming. Everything is buzzing. And so we want to talk about Also other things you could do besides landscaping and one of some of the simple things you Khun do is that the next ones? We're going to talk about? Paint the house paint the doors. You know, there's just a lot you could do with. You can even paint brick and stone. Yes, it's it doesn't look good that's painted. We just think a stone house. Yeah, we did, and fits two. Like you said, Paint your fence. I don't recommend painting most of them you staying them and use a good thing. Pretty white picket fence. Yeah, it's just it's just hard to maintain them. And it's the wood doesn't last this long when you do that, But most most most Chances are not painted, but they can be if they're metal. Another thing you can paint is your mailbox make it look good or better yet, make it kind ofthe blend in with the architecture of the home that we mentioned the tailor's mailbox. If you have a mailbox, that's right. We mentioned the tailors, and there's this cool. It's like a mini version of their house. No, this is really cool. Chad and I came up with a great design on that one. Chad. I got to give the most credit, too. But that's a cool mailbox. And it makes a statement. We'll remember. It was my idea to make sure that they did their mailbox because their mailbox looked so much like their old your version of the You were the one that I think this is so bad. It's going to look so bad in my pictures. So something so small, you're right would've taken away from the beauty of the home. So if you have a mailbox get that also, and the address numbers to you think something so small is the address numbers wouldn't make a difference in whether people liked your home or not, but it can send a subtle message. You know it to me. It's like your logo on your company. Your logo can have a certain nice font to it and say something to people very suddenly. Or can say what you know, and the same is true with your home with your numbers. If you put your numbers in a really pretty fun that goes with style, whether it's modern, contemporary, mid century century or traditional, then picked the numbers that go with that and put arrange them in a way that it's easy to see and attractive. That was going to mention the numbers are also fall into the safety category. They really do, because if you are calling an ambulance or a fire truck they need to know Which house is yours? I mean, a fire truck You can figure out but that also needs put your numbers close to allay area that has lit. I could be on your on your mailbox. And you can light mailboxes, too, by the way, and that could be a real subtle lighting with a led low voltage and that can work out really nicely. Then you've got You know, you've got it all harmonizing now. Yeah. And of course, the other thing I want to mention is be clean and neat. Keep your house clean and neat. Maybe pressure wash those walkways. Fix any any bad concrete. Put your trash hands in a concealed area. Very good and thought of that. But that's true. You could build a little enclosure that matches the home. That's what our neighbor did. They put Top defense out a little further so that we had a nice little area for his mailbox is to be hated. That's all it takes is a little wing wall of offense or something that looks like the home and that could be very inexpensive, but he can sure improve the look. I have not seen any of those trash cans match your homes. No, I don't think the city is doing that. They're not giving those custom matching home matching. Ah, Garbage disposal cans. So get your fence to match and get your your house to cover it so that you have something that looks so much better. That was a good learning to write that one down and Ah, and then, of course, like we said, if something needs to be repaired, repair it. Yeah, don't leave it, You know, light bulbs on changed right? And you know your house needs to be cleaned every so often. It needs to be washed and a lot of times. You think you need to pay job when actually, it just needs to be washed the right way. There's treatments to the home that can make that that siding on that brick look like it came alive and look like it used to be. You may not realize how it's changed color. And you may think. Well, I just gonna hold off because it needs to be painted. Well, maybe it doesn't. But I guess what? Even if you need to paint, you gotta clean it first, So I try to clean first get that done first. It's a fraction of the cost and you know if you if you can figure out a way to get your car's in the garage That's going to make your home look bigger. And unless you know the cars don't match the home. I'm sorry they don't. They just don't match the home in most cases, so you really want to push that in the.

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