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Today. This is America fast ashore about people who communicated feelings and writing in the days before movies were thing. I'm Roger Bennett. US coach, Steve Sampson. He was smart enough tonight that was only as good as his loss win, and he hadn't won Jack of the World Cup. So it wasn't a question of if Barack Barreau the river went. Hank Steinbrecher secretary general of the US so confederation. Did you speak to Steve to the game? Yeah, of course. What did he say devastated? And there are times when you hit hard, and there are times where you hug. And at that time we just needed a couple of hugs will face the realities in a little while. But right now you just let it sink your the the last team in the World Cup thirty two of thirty two teams. Something's have change. I can only think of the gold fall that where they free on the gay fish. I don't be was quite as bad as than. A day off that lost to Yugoslavia. Steve told the Washington Post. He wanted to remain head coach and that he wouldn't let a few disgruntled players dictate his future. But things change quickly. After his boss US soccer federation president, Ellen Rothenberg invited him to breakfast in Paris, Allman Leslie. That breakfast was first thing when they morning. I offered my resignation because one I felt it was the right thing to do because I had lost three games in a world championship, and I didn't want Allen to feel as if you needed to fire me. And before he could get it out of his mouth, I offered to him to resign from the national team. You told the me yet. This was not Steve's full. This was not the place fault. They played their hearts out your very diplomatic man, Alan. But what we really thinking that moment bitterly disappointed really, really was. And deep down, I guess, upset writer wrong. I was second guessing myself about the decision to keep Steve. It was sort of like all fears that I had all along have just been realized. So you're angry yourself? I would say angry, but I, you know, my moment of reflection was. This is what I was afraid of your worst case scenario would come trick. Yes. Now I interviewed nearly two dozen people for this story and I only met one anything even nearly after the nine hundred ninety eight World Cup was done. Can you guess you? That is? I'm fine with that that we lost. Fuck, that sucks. Mad. So I am Cussing so much guys. Frankie Hejduk even though as team we had, you know. We were last place for me wasn't a bad Cup. God, you understand his defeated teammates. They are burning that you as he's smashing bottles, railing, the heavens by which God say, must've offended to be laid so low and this guy, he's just smiling. I was just happy. Go lucky Frankie, and that's just was throughout the whole thing. And so that moment was for me, it was purpose. I'm fine. What do you guys complaining about? You guys are the ones that frigging 'cause this whole thing, and you're, if you're if you're getting mad at me, sign a contract come on. Oh. Wasn't just Frankie's and -bility to make lemonade out of lemons that got him three. It was the Joba. He got the night off to the Yugoslav gang right after dinner. I got a phone call from my agent who was at the hotel and Beyer Leverkusen just explain who they Beyer Leverkusen I would say is probably one of the top five term and teams I don't know about all time, but over the last twenty five thirty years, they've been pretty much in the top five top eight in in in the boondocks league and ended up signing the contract that night pretty much. I think you know I was making making thirty grand in the MLS a year, and you know, has been offering, you know, one point, three one point, four million. So it was a, no, it was a no brainer to just to be clear on this. Everyone is getting mad. How popping off plans self-destructing plays a burning Dan. I'm doing great guy how you a wedding. Everybody else funeral k. right. Totally one hundred percent. Yeah, it's crazy how that works out right like so it was such a bad thing for so many people, and for me it was it ended up changing my life in probably the best way ever that wouldn't be fishing. I wouldn't be hitting golf balls off my back deck and all all favorite. Yeah, really. That's crazy thinking about and I never thought about it that way. Now, the locally comb Major League Soccer team in Columbus, Ohio, slim locked. They wear near the ocean. We still serves when he can. On the cool lake.

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