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Courts, but for right now the supreme court saying we're not gonna take it up. We're going to send it back to the lower court for further consideration. The high court ordered the Oregon court of appeals to reconsider its decision, upholding, the state's fine in light of another wedding cake case from college. Arado that the supreme court decided last year in Chicago. Police superintendent, Eddie Johnson is still hospitalized. He was admitted Friday afternoon to treat a blood clot in his lung foundering, an annual stress test, and physical a spokesman says we could know more about his condition later and he could be released today. Meantime, it was another violent weekend in our city. Twenty eight people shots six fatally. In Chicago police say fifty six illegal guns were seized today. The Illinois supreme court commission on pretrial practices. Hold a listening session. Our Bill Cameron says, one of the big issues will be unaffordable bonds to get out of jail, pending trials crusading for lower bone say that bones, which are unaffordable grow somebody to lose their housing, their job, government benefits, even custody of their children. But police superintendent Eddie Johnson says just shouldn't let violence specs on low bond violent people in this city. We need to send a strong message to them that if you commit these violent acts within this city, you'll be held accountable. Period. This supreme court commission is expected to issue regulations in December Bill. Cameron ninety Ron says it'll break the uranium stockpile limits set in the nuclear deal. In the next ten days, move, it could cause even further strain with the US secretary of state, Pompeo says the US considering a full range of options, including military options to deter and defend against a in aggression, and she was thrust into the spotlight as a child heiress before going onto a stab herself as an actress and artist and author, fashion icon and socialite. But now her son CNN anchor Anderson Cooper has announced the death of his mom Gloria Vanderbilt Joseph.

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