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I had the hello gang related tone in the process of saving the toes damage the water how do they try to set I don't understand the try to save the toes the dams of water radio one in the last like around and down my right leg damage does okay showing commonality of the big believes and after that I won the for the very bottom okay hello Dutch alarm about two years and they've diabetics have damage to all the nerves and blood vessels and all the organs because that's what the excess sugar does so of course we want to stop the diabetes who want to reverse it so as I mentioned before the two part picture of diabetes is the peripheral where we try to cut the sugars down get you to exercise correct hormone declined by virtue of age collect correct your vitamins and then for the pancreas itself we use your own stem cells intravenously to get your pancreas to make more cells that make insulin and change the mechanism there too great videos on my website that are of people that have been tied to diabetic in within two to two and a half months have become non diabetic with other benefits occurring throughout their body because stem cells will also put new cells into all of your tissues and then they set up shop in a brand new cells so that would be the most important I imagine it would help you in other areas besides your pancreas because we've seen people with Marat the fee have significant improvement we've seen people with diabetic retinopathy have significant improvement so the stem cells going your blood can get to any organ that your blood flow goes so that would be by far the best option at seven years old while one of blood forms of course absolutely we've treated patients in their nineties your stem cells in your bone marrow still spectacular cells and they keep dividing will the time so yes yeah take a look at my website you'll see patients with much more significant or worse disorders that I've had wonderful results as well thinking out my heart to Jewish typically yes it's been a research shows help your heart your lungs liver kidney pancreas your brain how we should assume thank you very much thank you Sir look for senior okay phone lines are open if you like to call and ask a question you can do so now let's go to John in Wayne New Jersey Hey John how are you still Catherine listened I'm here I'm listening to the radio and I'm you know I thank him for it the way hold on to my phone so you could you could hang up and call the office so that would be the easiest thing to do yeah we're going to different people with with their questions okay they're going to give me an answer at the office yes I'll speak to you and get you set up for an appointment yeah well you know I'm way out here and to where you are but I mean I can only help you buy and you know having come at the office most of our people they were always addressing it without the caliphate yeah and you and your voice is so different than the radio voice in the office my voice is different than the radio voice no no over the phone your voice is quite different on the phone compared to when I listen to the radio what do you mean on the phone well when I'm talking with you now you don't sound like that hello we're on the radio we're not on the phone this is exactly who you're speaking to her on the radio so this is the radio yeah you call the radio show right what I expected but yeah my voice is the same I don't change it for radio I mean I don't have the capacity to do well no I didn't mean to be offensive or anything it's no no not at all yeah did you call the radio program we took your call and right so okay give the office call would love to help you out thank you for your call okay let's go back to John Wayne New Jersey John Wayne New Jersey John Wayne go good morning doctor yes Sir whistling happily about core core in about the Norman power forward center each the listening I was diagnosed with very high calcium output I was told I had so I reduce them so I went to Google that you're in the website for Norman parathyroid center describe everything on it right to it he for five years I was feeling really one of the and I didn't know why I when I when I met site that you can have up to seventeen different systems there are a lot of sites to describe the benefit I don't know the facility down there so I can't recommend them but you have a question for me well I just wanna try I went down there your flight on a Monday to check your limits who's very thank you sixteen surgery that day they got one certain I just went back home and went straight started to take what's the thirty minutes yeah but I can't tell you whether or not I I've never spoke to anybody who's had it done there so I can't endorse it but thank you for your input thank you for your call phone lines are open if you'd like to call and do so now let's go to Bob in queens how are you Dr yes Sir sure I hope so so I have tearing up the superior labor chronic tearing a superior Cleveland he showed up shoulder okay and moderate to severe degenerative changes of that I know you Meryl joined yeah and I could go on and on but basically going out that a pretty good candidate for them so badly thanks so yeah we've seen lots and lots of shoulders and the idea is that when we take your cells and we spend your Ballmer to get the cells and then we take a full syringe of that we typically can direct the injection to where the biceps tendon attach is in the front of your shoulder the super speed not as the criminal convicted a joint clinic humeral joint interests but not as we usually I usually inject the whole shoulder because it's very rare to find a person who has unlimited injury in one tend the shoulder is not too strong destroyed in the body but majority people you see have a combination of damage in different places as you're describing so we would inject into each of those areas directly and that's where you get your best results and writers mineralized body back form in whatever your well your body don't have inflammatory circumstances you know were you may have calcium deposits in the tendon or in the muscle if there was a terror there you can have overgrowth of bone on the outside of the bone but that may not have any direct connection or pressure on your ligaments tendons so I'd have to see what the MRI says Generac yes and what about I think I have phone birds that of I guess yeah that's so just mention overgrowth of bone I don't know that that's directly affecting because of the bone spurs or upward and they're not or laterally and not where your ligaments and tendons are then they may be insignificant okay so you would have all right back I appreciate yeah love to see the MRI look to range of motion meanwhile look at the videos on the web site with people shoulder tears a gentleman fell off the scaffolding and destroyed his ankle in the shoulder and he's back to normal that's a good video I think that's in the third me just quickly check vets the third column third video down so you can look at all the videos because they're kind of fun to see people have such a dramatic change yeah look for senior give us call five one six seven nine four zero four zero four let's go to Joan in Orange County how are you yes good morning doctor I hope this is a blessing because I have never heard you before I just put the radio on and then that's a blessing right there thank you for your project the the corner who who reported that he has set the stage for kidney cancer well I I am in cancer to decline he had kidney failure one sorry I thought he said he was in stage four but anyhow no stage for kidney failure well I am in a situation where I had a malignant tumor removed from my bladder a year ago in may and now this lesion on the right kidney seems to have gone from one point five centimeters to one point nine and these are my choices surveillance and biopsy cryo relation or surgery and I think the first thing you'd want to do with a cancer history is to do a pet scan a pass and will inject glucose with the dye and as they do that if there is a tumor in your body it will absorb that glucose cause cancer sucks up glucose like a vacuum and see if that's a malignant you know to get the pet scan is negative for your kid me then you can just wait and watch so that would be the first thing that I would do that's what somebody is far as Florida told me you demand a pet scan wonderful yeah I'm so torn a primary doctor are you in turn could probably demand you can write the prescription.

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