Steph Curry, Kemba Walker, Jason discussed on The Herd with Colin Cowherd - Best of The Herd: 10/13/2017


And this is the constant fight it's the or it's the it's the steph curry which we saw from kemba walker last year like shoot the three think it's going in start running back the other way like that looks great if it goes in jason worth go and they got a four one lead jason worth goal for the slide catch in left field and missing the baseball it look really cool until you like hey where where that baseball go where there baseball go now between that and lober tone in the eighth inning with runners at first and second he's ed first paste he is the lead he is the what's the goal ahead run our allies you got the game tyrant second base he's at first space snap throw to first and he actually he actually beat the tag only his foot came off the bad they go to replay and you know what is put came off the bag and he's out things that you cannot you can't win championships with those type of errors you just can't like again brice harbor ahead to opportunities one end up being a sacked fly the other he struck out in the in the bottom of the ninth inning to end the game in a one run game so i do wanna talk price harper and the opportunity that was missed last night from one of the best young players one of the best players in baseball but let's not put it all on him like right max scherzer and the entire team just completely collapsed when shares are came in uh the pen.

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