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Sun and clouds this afternoon will be mostly cloudy tonight not as cold as recent nights gbs lowest thirty nine rather cloudy for starters tomorrow a shower around in the morning be mixing with some what snowflakes or sleep in the hudson valley otherwise clouds will break for sunshine high after hide tomorrow fortyeight clouds and sun tuesday a high again 48 wednesday little warmer with mostly sunny skies high fifty one clear skies now forty three degrees in midtown wins news time 505 a delegation of low economic rats with a rally at city hall earlier today calling on all elected officials to join forces and defeat the tax code bills being proposed by republicans on capitol hill it is this saltanov middle class is this thought new yorkers senator kirsten jilib can succeed in taking away the deductibility of state and local taxes congressman gregory meeks compares this plan to threecard mahdi at his colleague carolyn maloney says represented the biggest heist in new york city history and this from representative a keen jeffries said this is all being done in order to cut taxes for the wealthy and for the well off claims that most americans would benefit because the tax plan can stimulate the economy congressman jerry nadler calls that a scam rallying and win the city hall and talking about the republican tax proposals in the house and senate treasury secretary steve state of the union the middle class gdp tax cuts both plans have for the median family of four over a thousand dollars of tax relief which is quite significant and we actually were in the numbers for even a family of three hundred thousand dollars which is a lot of money there are also getting a mole several thousand dollar tax republican lawmakers want to have a tax cut bill passed in on president trump's desk before christmas wins news time 506 iranian state tv says a seven point two magnitude earthquake has hit the region near the border between iran and iraq the us geological survey issue in orange alert for shaking related fatalities and economic losses to this point no reports of casualties the areas impacted include provinces in the northwestern western and central areas of iran word that many have evacuated their homes wins news time 507 i just stayed hundreds of dollars.

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