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Wanna serious one though and I'll play their game with Mike all day, but Eddie reserve for the twinkies. That would be a good thing not to be confused with easy Dotto. Doug McKay JR. We've already banned. Here's someone already say, man, cave, it the walk into the Atlantic Ocean. Didn't make going to seize without homerun wasn't really wouldn't count on his pop. He for a funny name there is only was doing did he go to Westminster Christian. I believe he did Doug McKay. Did yes he did that one? I know. Yes. He did will that one. I know. Yes, she did the mighty with a rod at least for part of it. He meets with a rod, that's correct. We know so much about Westminster Christian here is Miguel Cabrera healthy. Yeah. He's gonna buy batting average, but he does not heading home run. I don't know that that's coming back for him. I mean really? Yeah. He's, he's just hitting line drives in hard line drives. I mean he's sitting the ball pretty well but he's not getting a lift on the ball at all. Really? So I don't think he's going to hit many, Michael KC. Dammit. Oh man. That is real. Oh boy. Go with Francisco, Linda or allow going. Nice ones. Justin Moore new. Former MVP. Yes, John CENA, does it an MVP? Can you guys help me out here? Gimme a tiger tiger's playing the Marlins, and I'm basically just. Tiger Nico, good room. Look at how excited STAN is to play this game. Eko good room. Yeah. Yeah. Brandon inge. He was he was hack all thing baseball because he could play catch catcher even play game at catcher. He broke in as a catcher, but you can put them as your catcher and you'd get third base pop lead catcher position. Also get a one ninety one average. But some some readies, Dan, you wanna tiger with them hot? You're looking at Ronnie Rodriguez their second baseman leads the team with six home runs and not a great option. All right. I'll take him anyway. Just because he's planning the Marla. I gave you the guy or zero man. I'm telling you see Jake crowed, you suddenly engaged Rendon. Okay here a rookie. I'm gonna give you a rookie right here. Brendan Rodgers Colorado at Pittsburgh today. I'm gonna give you another twin Kyle Loesch. Oh. Insist on playing. All right. Fine. Let's play nineties baseball. Let's go ahead. And do this. Specific team here. That's the new lane. It's an Evelyn of those ninety twins teams. Fantastic. Oh, yeah. Her bag. Let's go around. You've got Dan gladden at third who's the shortstop on. Those glad was was out there. I think it was Gary eighty at their guy at all. I'm talking Gardenhire era tours is not in the lineup. I know Boone's up to Arden higher manager or player manager manager managing the Tigers now. So no, no, no. No garden garden air. Yes. Yes. Did they have Eric Milton? Did last year too. On pay attention here. No, you guys missed what I was saying was the aero were selecting from Gardenhire as a player, which would in the nineties or as a manager zone. I think Mike was saying, we will sort this all out and get to this important matter in a second donlevatar Latimer. Gary seven in war in nationals Expos history, stugatz. How many Expos are ahead of him? Oh easy. Gary Carter's, I hit him Raines rock. Andre Dawson Steve Rogers JR. Tim, Wallich wall and then Ryan Zimmerman and then them these live at our show with this, Stu gods on ESPN radio gamma put it on the poll mayonnaise. We know how STAN van Gundy's going to stand on all this. He doesn't like change of any kind specially none around food..

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