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Deliver a lecture on Wednesday called lessons from space leads straight back to earth. Coleman logs about forty five hundred hours in space as a NASA astronaut, including two space shuttle missions and a six month tour on the international space station. The talk is free and open to the public. And again, that's at UMass Amherst on Wednesday. President Trump says New York mayor Bill de Blasios doing a bag job running the Big Apple. The president's comment comes as de Blasios spends time in Iowa testing the waters for a White House run next year. The Iowa caucuses are the first major contest in the presidential primary. A California couple pleads guilty to what to what prosecutors say is by far the worst child abuse case they've ever seen ABC's will cars in Riverside County, California, Turpin her husband, David plead guilty to torturing in abusing twelve of their children determines kept their kids in complete isolation starving them forcing that delivered. Filthy dungeon conditions for years. Police arrested a couple of just over a year ago after their seventeen year old daughter managed to escape and call nine one one telling police quote by parents are abuse. They abuse us in my two little sisters right now are chained up the children who range in age from three to thirty would have been forced to testify. If the case went to trial. The men face a maximum sentence of life in prison letters written by Whitey Bulger are giving a glimpse into the former Boston Bob bosses mundane life in prison and treatment by other inmates letters are being auctioned off tomorrow, and they come from a guy who says he became friends with Bolger where the two were in federal prison together. In Brooklyn, New York vulture was killed by other inmates. Just hours after being transferred to a prison in West Virginia last year. Peter Frampton is talking publicly for the first time about the rare degenerative muscular disease. He has CBS Anthony Mason.

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