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BBC, Michael Steele, Casey Dc discussed on MSNBC Morning Joe


Is tuesday june nineteenth still with us we have msnbc contributor mike barnicle washington anchor for bbc world news america katty kay former chair of the republican national committee michael steele nbc news capitol hill correspondent and host of casey dc on msnbc casey hunt and join the conversation chief white house correspondent for the new york times peter baker it's good to have you all on board and we've been following the response really around the country to this policy separating children from their families at the border especially the reaction from the former and present first lady peter baker what's your take on where this is heading because it seems like like this might be a line that people don't wanna cross and maybe even some republicans more republicans yeah no absolutely you mentioned the first lady's ones strikes you the most of courses laura bush who the last republican first lady doesn't speak out very often on domestic issues i i recall her talking about afghanistan since they left off because that's an area where she has championed women's issues but for the most part i can't remember another time she's weighed in on a domestic issue in the ten years basically since they left the white house this one obviously struck a chord and the way she phrased it was not only particularly strong in terms of using the word cruel breaking her heart and so forth also she and the comparison of the japanese interment camps she also laid it directly at the feet of the administration she wasn't using this phrase that melania trump us which both sides need to come together laura bush is a result of policy as eero tolerance policy by the administration not buying into the idea that it's a result of a political stalemate on capitol hill you do see a lot of republicans very uncomfortable about this this is not what they would normally choose to to lay down on this is not the kind of policy that they want to be associated with the pictures the sound of that audio all these things are not politically comfortable for anybody not comfortable for a lot of parents regardless of politics so you know you see the president of the hill today is going to meet with house republicans we'll see how they respond to peter a lot of people were surprised to see milania trump you mentioned her statement couple of.

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BBC, Michael Steele, Casey Dc discussed on MSNBC Morning Joe

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