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In the same way that i said jalen phillips might have to step up contribute immediately. I actually think john holland. The safety drafted out of oregon. He might actually have to step up pretty quickly with bobby mccain guns so this corners assuming saving howard stays or doesn't hold out that's a weird one because why talked about it with greg is like he's got so many years left you know it's complicated. And but yeah. There's eric rowe who converted safety and in his played well but like in the they brought in jason mccourty but i think i really liked holland before he opted out in two thousand nineteen when he played. I don't know if he's ready to step into this defense immediately but he might have to. He very well might have to. Because who else is going to you. i don't know if you're throwing. I don't know if you're ready to start mccourty up out there. I don't know if you know. Nee highly or tre williams if we're going to be naming we're speaking of great names in this past draft like there's there aren't a lot of their on a lot of other guys who are built for that that starting role right away but that's the that's kind of the the burden you carry when you go early in the draft when you go in the second round you very well might have to fill a an immediate role but it makes sense for them to run so much covers zero. That's why you put so much money into your defensive. Backfield specifically corner obviously with howard. I'm byron jones. And and noah i am not going to disrespect the man by mispronouncing his last name. Egg benign a believes ig monogamy. I mean so mad. If i'm messing up because i have actually. I have practiced this. I wished i he great name not great play last year by the way big manado and i know he ig monogamy sounds about right but i do know he got his welcome to the. Nfl moment against the bills and week to byron joan leaves with a hamstring injury. And he said okay. Go covers the on again. Yes that is tough to bounce back from and but it's a it's a valuable lesson that you know. This is not the sec anymore. Like you you're going to have to come bring it. But so i think the secondary is again turnover forcing i want to say that they led the league and turnovers last year. But i could be wrong. Which by the way. Because did the dolphins have a lot of things where you're like. Oh that really broke like they had a lot of weird special teams stuff turnovers and those are things. When you're looking to next year over. Your lincoln might not happen again. I mean i think their corners are really really good so and we'd discuss their aggressive. So they're they're probably going to get a fair amount of turnovers but a little bit concerned about some regression they're exactly like unsustainable figures just like you. We thought in a couple years ago with the with the patriots defense leading the league in intercepts and he figured they're not gonna get forty interceptions again. I know it's not forty. But you know i'm trying to say here. You figure they're not going to do that. So there's gotta be some room for regression but You know when you are a fringe. Playoff team last year in That's not really what you want to hear that you don't wanna hear about you know possible. Regressions are not being able to not being able to displace. What you're what you're getting from that from that russian I just can't i wanna do. I do want to take this opportunity to bring that little tidbit of history. Backup that this team needed to win one game against the bills. Who sat several starters. Not all of them. But several starters and lost by thirty. And i i'm curious. How much that motivates you going forward. Especially if you're too who played a horrendous game without ryan fitzpatrick available. I'm curious how much how much do you replay that. How much does that kind of. Burn into you as you prepare for the coming season man. That was i think that the optimists case for miami is that even if the dolphins defense regresses a little bit or many things don't go their way to a with a full off season in an offense a new offense in this great compliment skill players that he takes enough of a leap forward to where they go from being a fringe playoff team to an actual wildcard team. And it's totally possible. I'm the so wait and see on this team. I just got to see. Do you know what i mean like. I feel like i got a pretty good handle on like the bills. And you know the pats to some degree the defense but but the miami's a real wild card for me the final team. I actually on the jets. I i feel like the jets last. I have been asking people. I'm not gonna ask. You just probably looked at the depth chart so this isn't that fun. But i have been asking people who cover football for a living all morning. Can you name to jets cornerbacks and none of them could wow is. It is a problem for this team. I could name one before. I went and looked at the depth chart and then i looked at the other names. I was like damn i did not know this man the kiki palmer meam. I not know this. That is how i like the i feel. They drafted somebody. I really liked a couple years ago. I is the name i guess. That's the one i knew. Marcel.

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