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Music. Now back to John Rothman, odd, K G O eight ten. I. One five eight zero eight zero eight ten I'm not surprised I do have one other bit of news just to inject this not for comment, but a sad note Soviet chase former Keiron news anchor and TV journalist died today at the age of eighty in Marin county. She was a regular listener to me over the years here cagey, oh on a grand grand broadcaster. And we will miss her. All right. Let's get right to your calls. So many of you online. I'll tell you. I'm going gonna do this. I'm going to do it in order of your weight. Okay. Because they've got the times here. So let me go to first to Jim in concord. Jim, welcome decay. GO? Thanks interesting is always. So I my take on it is that, you know, Trump easy. The F word, you know, people are so inured now by his his boorish behavior. That is like so what you know. And the any pussies a bully, and, you know, so this is how I see it bullies get shut down when someone bigger comes onto the playground, and and push them off and put them in their place. And I hope Trump is not impeached. I hope that the bullied comes to get him is the American people in twenty twenty. It'll be a nice clean knocked down. No BS about the Democrats being political. And that's how I see this going. He's not going to change. So we all just need to like kind of just, you know, take our vitamins. Get some sleep and just endurance for the next couple of years. Let me say if you're right and he survives. I'm not. So sure we will. But let's assume he does they are right. Then it will be up to the Democrats to come up with viable candidate. Let me ask you before. I let you go get so many people calling. But I want to ask you if you could choose the democratic candidate for president who would it be? Beta rook, and let me ask you this. If ROY teamed up with Joe Biden, and there's talk that Biden and a work might run as a ticket without appeal to you to be a walk. They went on a walk. I agree. Listen, happy new year. Jim thanks for your call four one five eight zero h early ten as I say, I've got to take your calls in the order in which the I've received them we now have an open line four one five eight zero eight zero eight ten Bill calling from San Francisco Bill. Welcome to Katie. Oh, yeah. Hi, john. I wonder get the Donald Trump and the democrat reached the point of no return, the Democrats back down dump kospi really pissed off as a democrat in the Trump don't live way. He can't back down where the Republican party say enough enough. This is like what's detrimental to the government definitely way. I see Chris Trump is like a spoilt brat. You don't you don't let me play. You know, I won't go. I won't eat dinner is one of those kind of things, right? And the minute he talks about. Declaring a state of emergency. That really worries me because remember the president the United States is powerful. People don't understand who is president matters and your point is well taken. So let me ask you this. How long do you think we can go on? I mean, if the Democrats and Republicans can't arrive at an agreement at what point to the American people say a plague on both your houses. They have to listen to the workers can be pissed when wishy wake missing services, we're gonna be pissed off. And didn't like the Democrats are not back down because they date back down. They gonna look like they were wrong didn't give in. That's what I'm looking at. No, I agree with you. And I have to tell you the Democrats cannot give in on this. And and somehow the Republicans are going to have to decide what to do about Donald Trump. Listen, I appreciate your call. Happy new year to you for one five eight zero eight zero eight ten again, I'm taking your calls as they came in. Because I haven't all timed here. And let's go to Johnny calling from Berkeley, welcome decay geo. Hi, my name is Joanie. Joni. I apologize when I see Jalen. I never know Joni Johnny, Johnny. I'm delighted thank you. Thank you so much for taking my call. I feel that McConnell. The Senate majority leader really isn't getting. Enough negative attention as I understand it. He he is not leading the Senate has a check on the executive branch when he says, well, the press we really need to present a Bill that the president will sign I think that's making the Senate an adjunct or a worker of the executive branch. So I think that McConnell is he from Kentucky. Yes. He's up for reelection in two thousand twenty and he may have a real battle on his hands. I think I think he will have a real data. But for me if anything comes from Kentucky, I won't buy it. I'm just do my own boycott because I feel like he's holding the nation that one man as hostage. You know? You're right. He's a. Thinks it Lynch pin. He is a servant of the White House rather than being a servant of the Senate. And you're absolutely right. I would rather have a majority leader a from a Republican side like, Hugh, Scott or Howard Baker who who as leaders of the Senate stood with the American people, and we're not afraid to oppose a Republican president. Appreciate question is the IRA is the IRS closed as well because I can't get forms for our business. Yes. Let me tell you. I just got an Email from Leslie, and it dovetails he says John don't forget about the IRS. Forget about expecting a refund payment anytime soon at this Trump shutdown goes on much longer. Exactly, the IRS is being affected and. You know, it's funny because I'm going to send in my taxes on time. I'm not talking about about receiving the refunder paying taxes. I can't get the contract is for a business, right? Even out those forms. So that people know how much they've received during the year in order to pay their taxes to our business is being curtailed. And in terms of flying to the business. We may actually have someone who's going to have to stay on the east coast because the the airports they're flying into is greatly affected by the TSA. So I may lose workers because they can't get back to California schone proving is exactly the point. This is not an abstract. This is a real issue that affects all of us. It's hurting our businesses. Yes. And we want to compete internationally. And we're being having our hands tied behind us. And if if he has come to penalizing just democrat workers. Then I feel we all Americans. I just can't believe that he can go on to be the president of the United States. I just can't believe play. Thank you for your time. My pleasure Joanie and very happy new year to you, Karen e mails. Hello, john. I believe he will declare an emergency as he must build that wall his basis threatened him. So I think it's his only way out unless the demos cave, which I don't think they will very scary times. An I appreciate the happy new year greeting as well. Karen, four one five eight zero eight zero eight ten let me get to Roger calling from Yucaipa. Roger welcome to decay. Oh, well, thank you, sir. I'm definitely happy to hear your voice anytime on K. Oh, thank you say. I second the motion. Go ahead. Right. I was an air traffic control operator in the air force at Travis in the sixties. And what I'm thinking is if the air traffic control operators are not being paid. Then there's going to be forget about a year three to six months. They're all going to have to be doing something else. Because you can't live on air and water alone. It's it's and then what happens when our airports are shut down because there are no air traffic control operators. No, you're you're absolutely right. This is astounding. And the American people are going to have to stand up and say enough is enough. Yeah. By the way, I should tell you that there's real pressure now on the Trump administration. And so the latest story is that Feis president Pence and hundreds of other Trump administration officials are not going to get their pay raise. The scheduled increase was the result of the lawmakers failure to pass a slate of governor government funding buildings December twenty Firth. And so there's a real problem here. And so on Friday, a memorandum went from the office of personnel management, and the acting director Margaret Wiktor wrote that quote, it would be prudent for agencies to continue to pay those senior political officials at the frozen rate until appropriation legislation is enacted that would clarify the status of the freeze. I can only tell you. I think they should all be forgoing money. If if the workers have to forego, there's absolutely every one of them should. Be curtailed no pay until the government is running properly. Right. Let me just say Mike Pence has said he will decline the extra tax payer dollars. President Trump said in his news conference that he might consider asking the administration officials to refuse the race. No, it's it's just beyond my comprehension. Wonderful for being there. I love it. Thank you. And I love it to have a happy new year four one five eight zero eight zero eight ten on John Rothman, and you are listening to the Pat Thurston programmatic? Let's say you just bought a house bad news is you're one step closer to becoming your parents. You'll.

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