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The editors desperate has the day off by about a factor Thomas White House official who wrote a behind the scenes book about the trump administration says there's no doubt the president demanded a quid pro quo from Ukraine the official hosted an ask me anything interview on reddit's yesterday it's not clear if anonymous still works for the White House the president suggested in an interview yesterday with bill O. Reilly that he didn't really know what his personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani was doing in Ukraine get in direct him to go there on your behalf you know but but but you have to understand Rudy is a great corruption fighter ABC's Karen Travers joins us from Washington DC good morning Karen good morning looks like the president is kind of trying to distance himself from Mister guiliani it certainly seems like that that he admits he's trying to that question there from bill Reilly about what really three Giuliani was doing on your behalf he says ask Rudy and it really pressed him on this you didn't direct him to go to Ukraine or do anything to put pressure on them the president said no I didn't direct him now remember when the White House release that rough transcript the the memo about the call the president had with president Salinas give Ukraine in July it is right there in black and white that he's telling the Ukrainian president to talk with Giuliani according to the transcript he says Giuliani the highly respected man I would like him to call you if you could speak to him that would be great so he is clearly trying to make a connection between his personal attorney and the president of Ukraine and now this interview yesterday with a Riley the president seems to say he doesn't know why Giuliani was talking to Ukraine remember also Gordon Sunland the E. U. ambassador who really was naming names when he was up on Capitol Hill last week he says that if anybody wanted to get anything done in Ukraine they had to talk to Rudy he says he follow the directions of the president and he worked with Rudy because the president was directing him to do so speaking of testimony I know it's quiet there for the holiday week now but things are going to pick up again next week do we have specifics of what's going to happen so the one specific that we do know is that on December fourth the house you the committee will have a hearing that looks at what they call the historical and constitutional basis of impeachment this is different than what we saw with the intelligence committee where current and former government officials are testifying this seems to be more of like an academic hearing of like what let's look at how this could work how this has worked in the past Jerry Nadler the chairman of the Judiciary Committee sent a letter addressed to the president and said you and your legal team are welcome to participate which will be interesting right now there's no word from the president's team if the lawyers would jump in on this but president himself will be in London that day so he won't be jumping in all right Keren I know the president is in Florida for the holiday where he held a rally last night anything of note you know he is this is another chance to really slam the Democrats for their impeachment inquiry and any also was talking broadly about his reelection message he says he thinks Democrats are gonna win lose in a landslide any counting on Florida to really get that going I think this was a typical rally for the president's in a way for him to get in front of some supporters after a rough couple days before he starts a holiday long holiday break down there with family alright Karen appreciate your time have a wonderful thanksgiving day ABC's Karen Travers with us from Washington DC come on his time five nineteen other.

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