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Visit friends go back as tax dot com watching the Tripoli Jan cams in the allowable group twenty four hour traffic center Dennis knew Barker W. W. J. two is ready knights of terrible weather in Nashville Tennessee overnight what about our weather let's get dean devore and just the amazing and we're gonna see I think that repeated more down in that zone in the next a couple of weeks unfortunately it's like more severe weather in that area of the country couple sprinkles for us some sunny breaks it's breezy temperatures up near fifty and then we do get some showers and that'll be for late this afternoon mid to late afternoon or early evening I think it ends of some flurries in the heavier snow showers specially north of the city as we drop to near freezing fog rain or snow showers morning tomorrow and then sunny breaks up to forty six in the afternoon and Sunday clouds late day rain showers on Thursday upper forties rain and snow showers Friday morning and then recently windy colder Friday upper thirties then we moderate back in the forties with some sunshine on Saturday temperatures at this early hour thirty three downtown intimate to report going up to near fifty I'm accu weather meteorologist needed for W. W. JT journaling fifty we've got you covered with traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the aids newsradio nine fifty W. W. J. playing with your new phone or Alexa don't forget you can hear W. W. J. newsradio nine fifty on both on your phone download the freeze dot com that is W. W. J. W. W. J. nine fifty line in local news radio nine fifty W. Detroit Hamtramck isn't the only long time GM plant being converted to make electric vehicles are ought to be reporter Jeff Gilbert has an update on what's going on the former GM Lordstown Lordstown Ohio Lordstown motors which bought the plant from GM wants to start production of their electric picked up by the end of the year they expect to hire about four hundred fifty workers in the fall CEO Steve burns as they've already hired Evey experts from major carmakers and many of them are working in this area I mean engineering offices in Detroit because.

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