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At harry will move i commend conflicting tuna polar ground while they're tired he could get joe every good jed kim we had it's because we had a good offensive line i'd rather not take a quarterback i'd rather get as many pictures build up the osce wanted to sign 'cause it's pardon you want to sign closets no i do not want to sign puts you don't want to take a quarterback so explain quarterback i would i would still stick with what we have built up a build up a team for low prices but you're brice pat he's going to be quarterback no who's the corner they left mccown for worldwide i want my i want mccarron's lately you have these thirty nine years old is no future will be count outside of one year what he thought that one or two years you've got an offensive wind go way group the dallas cowboys veered and you'll have a good team will come up it i mean they don't you gotta get a quarterback i'm sorry annually brice teddy christian hack of our you can't even get on the field the price teddy's ninety good just to count plates finalize cheaper jospeh counts thirty nine years old what are we kidding me i mean come on in on if you will the only way you bring josh mccown back because if you draft the quarterback and you will sime account for one year deal while you develop a net quarterback who have you drafted outside of that you know did there's only one other alternative and actually got to sign causes can't go with a year with the quarterbacks on his ross the now way you nuts seat is he can earn easy kidding indicating me this oh.

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