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Yeah. I still sometimes try to remember. No way. But then. Not just because there's so many, but like I just I never cared about me like there's there's one that I'm not sure if I did or not. Yeah, you know what I mean? I'm like, Ooh, I don't know. Not like the day after it happened. Not that I, I remembered then, but now looking like. They probably forgot about like, oh shit. Yeah, sometimes it will pop into my memory and I'll just start cold sweating. Oh my God. I remember that. Yeah, I just never thought of like writing people's names down and also is so much older when I started having sex that I was going to be a crazy person, but do remember the first time he tried to wear a thong because that was like almost more tumultuous than like the first time I had sex. Actually I do it was I got, I think I think it was a pink thong a pink zebra thong from what seal string. It was like the one that you love me borrow for the lady, hang. Sexual g ster I had a lilac purple satin thong and like, okay, here's something about me. I was like very small at the time because I was like deep ballerina. So I was like wearing extra small close. So I bought an extra small thong. I'm definitely a medium with this big old badge. You know what I mean? And so it was like down on my hips and like pulling up like it was so tight and like couldn't even the thong part, couldn't even go above my ass cheek, you know, or it's supposed to sit on. It was like across the bottom j. lo rice salt, your lowest thumb and it was so uncomfortable Larum medium phone dot now? Yeah, didn't. How was it comfortable for comfort wise. It was a two big, not the best big. It's just not just that wasn't a great thought. Over the place. They don't like sit on unitedly like a messed bigger thong data shrimp. They're not. They don't cover your vagina out of commando. It was hard anyway. Okay. Well, I love you guys so much. I want to just reiterate that we do love all for coming to the lady hanging. We're not complaining. We're just, you know, it was one of our favorite days. It was so fun. Do you want to tell them about the cab? How we tipped big. Oh chair. My dad's thing. Yeah. So that's a really girl cabdriver. So my dad, my whole life if I've been up for like back in the day when I would call my dad and my mom and I'd be like you guys, I'm how to call back for this show and you know, like I like, I'll find out tomorrow, whatever. So my dad would like be short too, and I think that his mom passes down to him to like really be generous with with like tipping people and just not that he's not normally, but he would go way overboard tip somebody fifty percent like that night because he was like, if you put all that like goodness and generosity into the world, like it'll come back around. So we were, we hailed a cab for Our Lady hang and it's me and Jack and Kelty because Elena had already been there for like seventeen hours. She's like, where are you in there for days? So the three totally lied. I relied way. We left over and a half ago. It was like, what is it New York? She will know like she absolutely now also just did the same route anyways. She's like our mom who were trying not to get in trouble with, but we hail a cab and weirdly this woman who first woman captors I think I've ever had probably one female cabdriver for have had one, two hundred. I mean, that's probably generous, but there was an Uber, a woman different, but number I'm not like a yellow NYC acts now, very rare I've had. I think I've had one, so I just realized I was like, oh my God, it's a woman driving us to the lady gang in this industry..

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